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NBA 2K13: All 31 Signature skills explained

NEWARK, NJ – APRIL 16: Gerald Green #14 of the New Jersey Nets attempts a shot against Udonis Haslem #40 of the Miami Heat at Prudential Center on April 16, 2012 in Newark, New Jersey.

Here’s a list of all signature skills of players in NBA 2K13 followed by a explanation and an example:

  1. Posterizer
  2. Highlight Film
  3. Finisher
  4. Acrobat
  5. Spot Up Shooter
  6. Shot Creator
  7. Deadeye
  8. Corner Specialist
  9. Post Proficiency
  10. Ankle Breaker
  11. Post Playmaker
  12. Dimer
  13. Break Starter
  14. Alley-Ooper
  15. Brick Wall
  16. Lockdown Defender
  17. Charge Card
  18. Interceptor
  19. Pick Pocket
  20. Active Hands
  21. Eraser
  22. Chase Down Artist
  23. Bruiser
  24. Hustle Points
  25. Scrapper
  26. Anti-Freeze
  27. Microwave
  28. Heat Retention
  29. Closer
  30. Floor General
  31. Defensive Anchor

Here’s the breakdown of the skills with an example of the player who has it:

Example player: Blake Griffin

Self explanatory. The player will look to Mozgov the defender. One catch being the defender needs to be in the proximity of the ring to rigger this skill.

Highlight Film
Example player: Gerald Green

Showboat dunker. One who will look to break out a dunk contest worthy dunk in the game.

Example player: Russell Westbrook

Think and one players. Not And 1. Players who are good at finishing with contact. Foul, shot counted and one free throw.

Example Player: Derrick Rose

NBA 2K had the adjust layup button where after initiating the layup motion, pressing the button again will lead to the player altering the shot to avoid the block. These players are better at converting those shots.

Spot Up Shooter
Example player:Steve Novak

Extra skilled at shooting spot up shots, i.e. shots which are not off the dribble.

Shot Creator
Example player: Kobe Bryant

This is a pretty realistic skill. If a player has created space with a skill move or is attempting a fadeaway/spin jumper, their chances of conversion increase. In real life after breaking down your man you get a rush of adrenaline which lets you shoot better..

Example Players: Kevin Durant

Late arriving defenders have less impact on this type of shooter than most. I.e. the player must be guarded at the beginning of the shot and guarded a little closer upon the release of the shot to increase chances of conversion.

Corner Specialist
Example Players: Shane Battier

Think Greg Popovich’s teams with those annoying corner shooters. Catch and shoot from the corner three point line. These playersa re adepta t knocking that shot down.

Post Proficiency
Example Player: LaMarcus Aldridge

Players who are extreamly talented in the low post. These players have a better chance of having the defender fall for their fakes and their shots go down with a greater propensity in the block.

LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 20: Jamal Crawford #11 of the Portland Trail Blazers scores on a layup past Pau Gasol #16 of the Los Angeles Lakers during the second half at Staples Center on February 20, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. The Lakers won 103-92.

Ankle Breaker
Example Player: Jamal Crawford

These players make the defender stumble with their crossovers.

Post Playmaker

Example Players: Kevin Garnett

When these players pass the ball out of the post, the recipient has a better shot at knocking the shot down.

Example Player: Chris Paul

Passes made by these players to open teammates result in a increased chance at the teammate knocking the shot down.

Break Starter
Example Player: Tim Duncan

After taking down a defensive rebound, these players are good at throwing out an outlet pass to start a fast break.

Example Player: Andre Miller

These players throw very accurate alley oop passes.

Brick Wall

Example Player: Kendrick Perkins

These players set the toughest picks, even resulting in the defender stumbling into the screen and falling down.

Lockdown Defender
Example Player: Andre Iguodala

This one is like Rock-Paper-Scissors. The player can nullify the offensive signature attribute of his man with this skill.

Charge Card
Example Player: Udonis Haslem

These players are adept at drawing charges. Calls go their favour more often.

Example Player: Brandon Jennings

Gives a boost to the steal and vertical attributes of the player when looking to intercept a pass.

Pick Pocket
Example Player: Ricky Rubio

These players are good at stealing the ball when their man is attempting a iso move or is dribbling in one spot for long. They also get called for reach in fouls less.

Active Hands

Example Players: Mario Chalmers

When a player is in the shooting motion, these players can reach in and knock the ball loose easier.

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 21: Dwight Howard #12 of the Los Angeles Lakers fights for rebounding postition against DeMarcus Cousins #15 of the Sacramento Kings at Staples Center on October 21, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. The Kings won 99-92.

Example Players: Dwight Howard

These players smother and block shots and the player who gets blocked loses 6 skill points for the next minute and half.

Chase Down Artist
Example Players: LeBron James

That doesn’t usually happen. Chase down artists are good at running back on defense and swatting shots.

Example Players: DeMarcus Cousins

Upon physical contact these players drain the energy of their opponent. During box outs, back downs, etc.

Hustle Points
Example Players: David Lee

After pulling down an offensive rebound, these players get a 3 second boost to their shot attributes inside.

Example Players: Chuck Hayes

These players are good at diving for loose balls, winning boxout battles and getting rebounds from opponents by poking the ball away.

Example Players: Luol Deng

These players have good composure and don’t go on cold streaks easily.

Example Players: Louis Williams

These players catch fire quickly, a couple of good plays and the get hot getting a boost in their attributes.

Heat Retention
Example Players: Kobe Bryant

These players can sustain their heat streaks through breaks and for longer duration then their teammates.

Example Players: Derrick Rose

In crunch time these players get a boost in their attributes.

Floor General
Example Players: Chris Paul

When this player has the ball all his teammates get a 6 point increase in their offensive attributes.

Defensive Anchor
Example Players: Dwight Howard
These players increase the defensive attributes of their teammates by 6 points when they are on the floor.

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