NBA 2K22 MyLeague: Best teams to use and the ideal Playbook to deploy

NBA 2K22 MyLeague Playoffs [Source: NBA 2K22]
NBA 2K22 MyLeague Playoffs [Source: NBA 2K22]
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NBA 2K22 has received a lot of positive feedback from the gaming community. Many are calling it the best version of the game in years.

2K Sports has impressed with various gameplay additions, improved graphics and a host of new features. They have released updates and patches to ensure constant improvement. They have also addressed any errors in the game in the first week as millions of gamers explore the game's latest version.

Real talk, shoutout to 2K and all of the employees working on NBA 2K22. There was an all around great launch AND they’re making quick fixes to errors within the game. Ya love to see it πŸ’š @NBA2K

One of the main features in NBA 2K22 is MyLeague where you can get the ultimate regular season and playoff experience. To play MyLeague, you can choose from either a current team, expand to a new city for a team or use your team.

Certain current teams are obviously better than others, and your MyLeague experience will be easier if you choose a star-studded one. Moreover, if you choose your own team, you will have to select a Playbook and coaching plan by which your squad will operate.

What are the best teams to choose in NBA 2K22 MyLeague?

Coach Gameplan for the LA Lakers in NBA 2K22 MyLeague [Source: NBA 2K22]
Coach Gameplan for the LA Lakers in NBA 2K22 MyLeague [Source: NBA 2K22]

Naturally, certain teams are more powerful than the others. You can decide the number of games in the regular season and the minutes you want to play. If you choose a star-studded lineup, your experience will be much easier, as you will probably win the MyLeague and the MVP award for your main player.

The LA Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks are the four obvious choices for overpowered teams in NBA 2K22. All four teams feature one highest-rated player apiece- LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo, all rated 96.

These are arguably the four best teams in the NBA right now and also in NBA 2K22 MyLeague. Winning will be easy with these teams, and you can win a host of season awards as well as win the NBA championship.

NBA 2K22 Player Ratings Revealed – Lebron, Giannis, Curry, and Durant Still The Best of The Best

However, if you want to get the ultimate experience of being an NBA franchise, including major trades and signings, choose rebuilding teams. Organisations such as the OKC Thunder, Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic are perfect for rebuilding an entire roster.

You can convince free agents to sign with you, and also make huge trades. If you choose a star-studded championship-caliber team, you will not get a draft pick and also won't have the cap space to sign players. But choosing a rebuilding team will allow you more freedom in terms of building your roster.

Which is the best Playbook to choose in NBA 2K22 MyLeague?

LA Lakers Playbook in NBA 2K22 has some of the best plays [Source: NBA 2K22]
LA Lakers Playbook in NBA 2K22 has some of the best plays [Source: NBA 2K22]

It is obvious you need winning plays and only the best coaching plan can give you that. Each NBA team's coaching playbook is in your palms, and you can pick and choose whatever plan and strategy you like.

Choose the LA Lakers' coaching plan by Frank Vogel for a balanced offense approach. Your offense will involve a lot of paint play along with occasional cutting and shooting threes.

It is a top-heavy team, so the stars run the show, and your main player will dominate the ball a lot more than usual. The LA Lakers have a total of 38 plays in their playbook, with 17 in pick-and-roll, six in three-point shooting and the rest in other categories.

Golden State Warriors playbook in NBA 2K22 [Source: NBA 2K22]
Golden State Warriors playbook in NBA 2K22 [Source: NBA 2K22]

Meanwhile, the San Antonio Spurs' playbook by Gregg Popovich is about fluid offense and ball movement. Choose the Golden State Warriors' playbook by Steve Kerr if you want to dominate the perimeter and shoot a lot of threes. The Warriors' coaching plan involves a lot of cutting and heavy ball movement.

They also have 17 pick and roll plays and six three-point plays. But they have a total of 47 plays in their playbook as they dominate in offense with their ball and player movement. Your point guard will sprint to find open looks just like Stephen Curry. There are also a lot of handoff and isolation plays.

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