NBA 2K23 MyTeam Ice Pack: Everything you need to know

Ice Pack is the latest to be dropped in the NBA 2K23 Pack Market.
Ice Pack is the latest to be dropped in the NBA 2K23 Pack Market.

With the regular influx of new packs in NBA 2K23, it is not every day that gamers are able to acquire multiple featured players as part of a single-player pack.

The first featured player pack available as part of Season 3 of the game is the Ice Pack. The pack has a total of 3 legends, two diamonds, and two pink diamonds, including the LaMelo Ball featured card. The other pink diamond on offer is a 96-rated Tracy McGrady, who is a fitting inclusion on any MyTeam squad. The Ice Pack is accompanied by a Skills challenge that has its own set of rewards. The following article looks at all the information that gamers need about the latest player pack and the accompanying challenge.

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NBA 2K23 Ice Pack and Skills challenge: Everything gamers need to know

Apart from the two pink diamonds mentioned above, the pack also gives NBA 2K23 gamers a chance to acquire a diamond or a purple version of Tracy McGrady. The diamond version is 94-rated while the purple version has a rating of only 91. Both versions can be viable additions to any MyTeam squad. Apart from McGrady and LaMelo Ball, two more legends are available as part of the pack, in the form of Turkish Hedo Turkoglu and a diamond version of George Gerwin. The Ice Pack comes in 3 20-pack boxes, with the 20-pack box comes in for a whopping 198k VC:

  • NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Ice Pack - 11,250 VC or 15,750 MT
  • NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Ice Pack (10-Pack Box) - 99K VC
  • NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Ice Pack (20-Pack Box) - 198K VC

Since none of the above packs guarantees a pink diamond or even a diamond, gamers might not be obliged to open them. Completing the skills challenge will allow them to gain a free pack, which is the free-to-play gamer’s best chance of acquiring a high-level card via this pack. The three skill challenges are straightforward, and two of them can be completed in the Triple Threat offline mode.

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Gamers will also be frustrated with the lack of regular locker codes in the game. Unlike the previous iteration of the game, free-to-play gamers do not have a lot of free rewards to make use of and get ahead.

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