NBA: 5 active players with the funniest nicknames

Davion Moore

#3 Evan Fournier – "Never Google"

Orlando Magic v Atlanta Hawks
Orlando Magic v Atlanta Hawks

Evan Fournier's nickname is not only funny, but it is also good advice. Fournier's nickname is "Never Google".

The guard received this nickname a few years ago, after he made an interesting discovery. The discovery was so intense that Fournier took to Twitter to warn others.

He tweeted something along the lines of "By the way, NEVER google my last name. You don't wanna see that." And, he's right.

Googling Fournier's last name brings up a disease that received its name from a french dermatologist named Jean-Alfred Fournier. It is a type of gangrene that Fournier named in 1883. Fournier of the Magic decided to google his last name and saw the unfortunate results. Once NBA Twitter got a hold of Fournier's tweet, he received the nickname "Never Google". The name eventually stuck.

What started as an innocent Google search became one of the NBA's funniest nicknames.

#2 Draymond Green – “The Dancing Bear”

Draymond Green is known as
Draymond Green is known as "The Dancing Bear".

Draymond Green played a significant role in the Golden State Warriors' championship run. His defense, toughness, and tenacity gave the Warriors they push they needed. The Warriors are struggling this season, and Green is dealing with injuries. When he is healthy, Green is a skilled, versatile player.

In college, Green earned a unique nickname for his abilities on the court. He received the nickname "The Dancing Bear". For a player like Green, the name sounds silly, but it also makes sense. He was given the nickname due to his size, attitude, and his quickness. Green is close to 6'6" (200.66 cm) and roughly 230 pounds (104kg). He is an intimidating presence that can guard nearly every position. He has the quickness to guard guards and the strength to guard the post. So, Green can do it all.

Green's nickname is a funny one but when you think about it, it fits.

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Edited by A. Ayush Chatterjee
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