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NBA All-Star Game 2018-19: Biggest Questions from the All-Star Draft

Achyut Dubey
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210   //    09 Feb 2019, 15:19 IST

This is LeBron James' 15th All-Star appearance of his career.
This is LeBron James' 15th All-Star appearance of his career.

Ever since the NBA decided to play with the All-Star format and give Team Captains the power to pick their teams just like in streetball, the idea of the draft being televised had been making the rounds of social media.

Eventually, the league gave in to the enticing concept of the captains from the respective conferences sitting down and building pick-by-pick, their own super team, from a mixed pool of All-Stars of both the conferences. And, boy, it was entertaining!

LeBron and Giannis sat down on NBA TNT a couple of days ago and messed around with Ernie Johnson en route to giving the world its first ever televised NBA All-Star draft and trade. Since this was the first of its kind, nobody.- and that includes the NBA itself - had any idea as to what they should expect. Moreover, the recent trade window buzz and the occasional tampering fines by the NBA had rendered the atmosphere a bit edgy than it usually is.

While the show didn't even last half an hour, it did leave behind some prominent talking points worth revisiting. Let's dive in to analyze the dynamics that ran this exclusive draft and the three most itching yet interesting questions it left behind.

#1 Did LeBron have an ulterior motive behind picking future free agents?

LeBron James' wish to bag Anthony Davis in LA is something well-known.
LeBron James' wish to bag Anthony Davis in LA is something well-known.

James had the first pick of the starters, and as revealed by his answer to Ernie's question, he picked Kevin Durant as his first pick for a second straight year. Following that, he went on to include Kyrie, Kawhi, and Harden(in order of pick) in his starting lineup, making it three of four players slated to become free agents this summer.

LeBron is known to have a great business mind and is widely rumored to be fairly competent to run teams on his own if push comes to shove. Giving him the power to impose his will on a certain group of players in the process of a light-hearted draft was all that was needed.

Moving on to the reserves, throw in AD and Klay, and it was clear as day that Bron is out on a mission. All these players have been linked with the Lakers at some point in time in the recent past and The King just cashed in on the same.


When Barkley roasted LeBron by asking Giannis to trade his whole bench for Anthony Davis, James' laughed nervously, cognizant of the limits his front-office was willing to cross in order to get the generational talent just this past week.

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