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4 NBA scandals you don't know about!

Mohit Joshi
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New York Knicks v Chicago Bulls
New York Knicks v Chicago Bulls

NBA - where amazing happens. NBA is the biggest league in the world today. It is home to the best basketball players in the world and the biggest franchises in sports history. NBA players are the world's best-paid athletes by average annual salary per player and for the first time ever, all the NBA franchises are at least worth $1 Billion. It's a platform for teenagers to become legends and for legends to become immortals in the minds of generations to come. It's a dream league. NBA is entertaining and competitive and glamorous and ... scandalous.

In its history of more than 70 years, the NBA has seen its ups and downs. There have been many controversies surrounding the League right from accusations of it "being too white" and "being to black" and "rigging the drafts" and "fixing the Finals". NBA is not as flawless as you think it is and behind all the Glitz N' Glamour and Grit N' Grind, there is a dark side to the NBA.

Here are some of the scandals you may not know about-

#4 Derrick Rose allegedly cheated his way into the NBA

Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls - Game Two

We all know Derrick Rose as a former MVP who's career went all south after a series of injuries. He was the #1 Draft Pick in 2008 and became one of the most explosive point guards the world had ever seen. But there's a controversy about how he got into the NBA in the first place. The accusations are -

Derrick Rose never gave the SAT's. SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. Instead, he made a friend gave the exam under his name. The candidate cleared the exam and Derrick Rose and the score resulted in Rose getting admitted to the University Of Memphis. Rose led the Memphis Tigers to the NCAA Title game-winning 38 games in the process. Memphis lost to Kansas in the Final game.

However, when the controversy broke that Derrick Rose had cheated, the Memphis Tigers had to forfeit all 38 of their victories from that 2007-2008 season. Derrick Rose is accused of cheating, lying and acting against the spirit of college basketball. Rose went on to win Rookie of the Year award and also he won the MVP in 2011. He has his own signature shoe with Adidas and is currently playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Derrick Rose denied all allegations about the incident. The University of Memphis too denied the allegations because of lack of sufficient evidence. Despite denying the allegations, the controversy remains.

If he actually cheated his way into the NBA, deep down, he must make peace with himself for cheating all college basketball and NBA fans.

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