NBA: Top 3 In-game dunks of all time

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics
Miami Heat v Boston Celtics
Avdhi Bhalgat

Slam dunks are much more than just a play or a shot, they are an entire phenomenon in the world of basketball. This play is perhaps both the most dramatic and beloved of all plays in the NBA. Slam dunks are poster-perfect.

There is nothing better than a tall man reaching great heights (literally) to get crowds on their feet. Some look absolutely effortless while in the others you can feel the effort and the anger, but all of them none the less, are picture perfect.

Often though, there are more important things players could have been remembered by, the image of them fling towards the hoop, ball in hand can't be replaced by the numerous rings they wear.

Coming to the greatest dunks of all time, they all stand out for different reasons. some are physically impressive and others stand out because of the destruction they have caused. Yet, all of them are equally memorable.

#3 LeBron James passing to himself from the backboard, 2017

LeBron Dunking With Ease, 2017
LeBron Dunking With Ease, 2017

The 2017-18 NBA finals were exciting for many reasons, one of the biggest was having two superpowers colliding. And putting these forces head to head l to some amazing basketball moments.

One that can never be forgotten is LeBron passing to himself and then dunking. First of all, how many players in the history of the NBA have had the intuition to make such a move possible and secondly, how many of them have done it with such ease.

That one move was enough to overshadow the fact that the Cavs had lost another game to Golden State. Further, regardless of the team loss, LeBron walked away with another triple-double under his belt. On the other hand there have been lots of people who believe this was a mistake that was well taken care of, but personally I disagree.

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Edited by Abhinav Munshi
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