“A hometown discount is nice, but I’d rather you pushed yourself away from the hometown buffet” - Dan Patrick tells James Harden he can help the 76ers by showing up in shape

Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden
Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden

James Harden may have given the Philadelphia 76ers a discount with his new deal, but it's still not enough, according to some. On "The Dan Patrick Show," Patrick called out the star and gave him a piece of advice.

A few days ago, reports came in about Harden's new deal with the Sixers. According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the 10-time All-Star guard agreed to a two-year, $68.6 million deal. The deal includes a player option in his second year.

Harden's paycut allowed the Sixers to sign his former Houston Rockets teammates, P.J. Tucker and Danuel House Jr. Harden's financial flexibility allowed Philly to acquire key role players to help them contend for a title.

Free agent James Harden has agreed on a two-year, $68.6M deal, including a player option, to return to the 76ers, sources tell ESPN.

However, even with this move, there are still people who point out that it's not enough for Philly to contend for a championship. Patrick pointed out that Harden should try and be physically fit if he's serious about gunning for the championship.

"The All-Star looked out of shape during the season." Patrick said, "Performance in the playoffs: underwhelming. James Harden, show up in shape. ... A hometown discount is nice, but I’d rather you pushed yourself away from the hometown buffet."
"A lot people look at this like he's helping the #Sixers. You know how you can help the 76ers? Show up in shape!"-DP reacts to James Harden taking less money with the #Sixers

Patrick's words towards the 2017-18 MVP may be harsh, but that doesn't mean they aren't true. During the latter moments of his Rockets stint, there were images of Harden being out of shape before he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets. It was an interesting image to see, because the moment he suited up for the Nets, he looked to be in perfect condition.

James Harden really finessed all of us.

Harden, who turns 33 in August, looks to be slower these days as well. It was obvious during his time with the Nets and his recent postseason action with the Sixers.

James Harden's new deal is a testament to his maturity

Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden
Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden

When reports came in that James Harden had declined his $47.4 million player option, a lot of fans weren't surprised. Most thought Harden would ask for a bigger, multi-million deal. But his next move caught everyone by surprise.

ESPN Sources: 76ers star James Harden has declined his $47.3M option and become a free agent. He keeps real the possibility of negotiating a new deal that would deliver the Sixers roster-building flexibility in free agency – including use of the full $10.5M exception.

With this move, it was clear he is serious about competing for a championship. The Sixers also made notable moves. By signing Harden's former teammates, they've improved their depth and given their stars help in the Eastern Conference.

Their last playoff appearance wasn't appealing, especially to Philly fans. Harden had multiple games in which he shot poorly and turned the ball over a ton.

During their 99-79 win in Game 3 against the Miami Heat, Harden registered 17 points on 36.4% shooting and added seven turnovers. He also shot 14.3% from the 3-point area.

Harden and the 76ers are looking forward to a much improved season. But will the addition of Harden's old buddies be enough to get them over the hump?

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