Bill Walton's broadcast partner spills beans on 2x NBA champion tricking everyone about origin of Chewbacca's character

2022 NBA Finals - Game Four
Bill Walton's broadcast partner opened up about the fake Chewbacca's character story NBA legend created

Bill Walton, the NBA legend and Hall of Fame player has died at the age of 71 after a long battle with cancer. The Portland Trail Blazers great lived his being whatever and however, he wanted to be. Walton had a unique sense of humor and according to his fellow commentator Dave Pasch, Walton once faked the entire Hollywood media with his fake comment about Chewbacca.

Walton lived every moment of his life in improv. From eating a cupcake with a lit candle to pouring popcorn in his fellow broadcaster's head, Walton had a knack for making everyone laugh around him.

In a conversation with Malika Andrews on NBA Today, Pasch recalled his favorite moment with Bill Walton. Pasch said that during commentary on a college basketball game, somehow the topic of Star Wars creator George Lucas came up. (Starts at 0:38)

"I just remember the last game we did together, February 1. We were doing a game at USC and George Lucas comes up somehow and I said, 'Yeah how was your audition for Chewbacca?'

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"And not only did he go with it by saying he auditioned and didn't get the part, but he then said that Chewbacca basically was fashioned in his image and that the character was created after Bill," Pasch said.

The made-up claim by the two-time NBA champion spread like wildfire in Hollywood and several reputed magazines and reporters spent their days trying to prove that Walton wasn’t the inspiration behind these characters. Walton had played along to the story so methodically that people took him seriously.

Bill Walton and his legendary career in the NBA

Bill Walton had a Hall of Fame career in the NBA. He played only 10 seasons in the league and during his illustrious career, the NBA dealt with injuries. However, at 6-ft-11-in and all-around impactful game, Walton changed how the center position was looked at in the NBA.

Walton was drafted at No. 1 by the Portland Trail Blazers in the 1974 NBA Draft. In his four years with the Blazers, Walton won a title in 1977 and was declared the NBA Finals MVP. A year later, he also won the NBA regular season MVP.

He later joined San Diego Clippers (LA Clippers) but spent most of his term with the team out with an injury. Even though doctors told Walton that he could never play basketball again, he went through intensive rehab and made a comeback.

Walton joined Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics in 1985 and won his second title with the Celtics in 1986. Walton was a two-time NBA All-Star and also won the Sixth Man of The Year in 1986 when he was with the Celtics. In 1977, Bill Walton was the rebounding and block leader in the NBA.

After Walton injured his foot before the 1987-88 season, he did not return to the court. He later announced her retirement.

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