Bronny James skips initial USC practice as head coach assures LeBron James' son is doing 'very well', months after cardiac arrest

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Bronny James missed the first practice of the season for the USC Trojans

Bronny James skipped his initial USC practice, but the team's basketball coach, Andy Enfield, said the young guard was doing "very well."

The oldest son of LeBron James, who suffered a scary cardiac arrest in July, has made some significant recovery since but missed the team's first practice of the season.

The freshman's return has been highly anticipated ahead of his 19th birthday next week.

According to ESPN, Enfield did not provide a date of return for James but added that his player was making good progress.

"Bronny's doing very well. But we just can't comment on anything medically. He's going to class and doing extremely well in school, and we're really excited for him."
"He's around when he can be. And he's getting caught up [with] some schoolwork and doing very well. His grades are excellent right now, and he's being the true student-athlete."

James was rushed to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. after he collapsed on the court and was discharged three days later.

The James family put out a statement last month that he had a congenital heart defect that could be treated and the doctors were confident that the rising phenomenon would make a full recovery.

DJ Rodman, son of Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman was relieved after news of Bronny James' recovery

The Trojans will see no shortage of starpower, with Dennis Rodman's son, DJ Rodman, committing to USC earlier this year as well.

And on his part, the latter was relieved to see Bronny James back in good spirits. Talking to ESPN. Rodman said the incident was a "huge hit" for the team.

"He's just a very positive guy, and every time I see him, it's just a big smile and a 'What's up?' I'm just so relieved that [it] was not anything more severe than that. I mean it was just very, I wouldn't say traumatizing, but it was a huge hit on [us], and I had to run out [of the gym]. I couldn't handle another one like that.

All eyes will now be on James to see when he suits up for practice. He has already been in the news for being a top prospect in the 2024 NBA Draft.

While the chances of LeBron James and him playing for the same team look dicey at the moment, the immediate question will be how he fares for the Trojans.

The James family is ensuring they are not rushing their son into full-tilt practice, and Bronny James' appearance on the floor is anticipated.

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