“Come out in the next 20 games, play; Without any nonsense” - Zach Lowe wants Brooklyn Nets to focus on basketball after getting complete roster back

Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers
Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers

The Brooklyn Nets finally have their complete roster back with Kyrie Irving's return. With the Nets having the full complement of their lineup at their disposal, ESPN analyst Zach Lowe shared his expectations for the team going forward.

The Nets have been in a state of disarray this season. The offseason drama has spilled over into the regular season.

Following a series of losses to start the term, the team also saw a change in coaching personnel. After dealing with several tribulations, the Brooklyn Nets finally appear to be complete.

Kyrie Irving has returned to the lineup, Ben Simmons is back in form and other players are also back from injury.

With the entire roster available at their disposal, the Brooklyn Nets no longer have any excuses to hide behind.

ESPN's Zach Lowe made a point to ensure that the Nets were aware of this when he voiced his take on the matter. Speaking about the Nets' current situation on NBA Today, Lowe said:

"This is the team. Let's see the team. Ben Simmons has had a great last three games. Kyrie's back. Joe Harris is starting to look like Joe Harris again. Seth Curry is starting to look like Seth Curry again. This is the team! No more nonsense. No more complaining. No more absences. No more anything."

Lowe highlighted the observation that the Nets' next 15 games are against teams they should be competitive against or teams they should be beating, barring a few. In this regard, he added:

"Come out in the next 20 games. Play. Without any nonsense. Without any absences. You show us over 20 games. Not one game, not one week. The next 15 or 20 games that you are ready to be the team we've heard so much talk about for four years. Now is the time. Everything's in place."
"This is the team! No more nonsense. No more complaining. No more absences."@ZachLowe_NBA is ready for the Nets to prove themselves 👀

Lowe ended his take by mentioning that the game against the Philadelphia 76ers could be a potential turning point for Ben Simmons. Given his harrowing relationship with the city and the franchise, Simmons needs to overcome the demons of his past.

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Unfortunately, this will have to wait a bit longer as Brooklyn were handed a loss in the City of Brotherly Love.

The Brooklyn Nets get handled by a shorthanded 76ers team

Though the Brooklyn Nets are at full strength, the team is far from giving a complete performance. This point became obvious after the team's recent loss to a shorthanded Philadelphia 76ers.

The game itself was oozing drama. With Ben Simmons' long-awaited return to the Wells Fargo Center, the Nets star and the team were well aware of the stakes.

The Nets had a lot going in their favor ahead of the game. Kyrie Irving made a timely return to the side. Kevin Durant was at the top of his game. Ben Simmons hit his stride. Even their sharpshooting role players were firing on all cylinders.

But everything was for naught in Philly.

The Brooklyn Nets' lack of defensive intensity was put on full display as the 76ers caught fire from beyond the arc. Shooting 50% from three-point range, Philadelphia put the holes in Brooklyn's defense on full display.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn struggled to get going from three-point range. With the team shooting 9-28, the Nets were suddenly faced with tougher odds in this road game.

The loss becomes the latest installment in the Nets' list of miseries this season. However, with time to adapt to their entire roster, the Brooklyn Nets could still turn things around.

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