"Don't be shy we're stressed": LeBron James' wife Savannah James hints at nervousness amid taping first podcast episode

Savannah James reposts an IG story ahead of her podcast
Savannah James reposts an IG story ahead of her podcast's first episode's release

While her husband LeBron James is focused on leading the LA Lakers against the Denver Nuggets, Savannah James is managing her own stress. She's started a new venture, co-hosting a podcast with April McDaniel set to launch on Apr. 30.

In an Instagram story, McDaniel playfully asked Savannah if she was feeling the stress of taping an episode. As a response, Savannah reposted the story to her official IG account's stories, hinting in the caption at her pre-release jitters for their upcoming podcast.

"Don't be shy," Savannah James wrote, "we are stressed." She then punctuated it with a pair of cry-laughing emojis.
Savannah's IG story
Savannah's IG story

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The episode that they are taping is for their podcast called 'Everybody's Crazy' and is most likely for their first episode which is releasing at the end of this month.

With Savannah James releasing a podcast, she and her husband LeBron have both officially entered a similar field. LeBron co-hosts 'Mind the Game' with JJ Redick, a basketball-centric podcast.

In 'Mind the Game' LeBron and JJ break down the game of basketball which is great for people who want to learn more about the game.

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Who is Savannah James' co-host April McDaniel and what is their podcast about?

If you're a fan of the NBA, then chances are you know Savannah James. After all, she is the other half of LeBron James. The four-time MVP and champion who, for a long time now, is widely considered as the face of the NBA.

April McDaniel seems to lead a more private life. She is the founder of a business called 'Crown & Conqueror.' According to the company's official website, it is an independent business that promotes brands through a unique style of storytelling and authenticity.

As for what 'Everybody's Crazy' will be all about, the podcast does not seem to have a singular topic to cover. Unlike 'Mind the Game,' where LeBron and JJ Redick simply talk about basketball, this new podcast seems like it will cover a wide range of topics.

Additionally, the conversations won't just be between Savannah and April. The podcast will accept callers with whom they will talk about the "crazy situations" that people get into or find themselves in.

This type of show seems like it will be reminiscent of radio talk shows wherein listeners can call and talk to the hosts. But while radio shows are live, the conversations in 'Everybody's Crazy' will be pre-recorded and released at a later date, much like other podcasts.

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