"Dumbest thing I've ever seen" - Chris Russo unleashes on Stephen A. Smith's pre-game tunnel walks during NBA Finals

'Mad Dog' Chris Russo rosts Stephen A. Smith for viral NBA Finals pre-game tunnel walks

The NBA Finals were filled with plenty of incredible moments, but one of the most viral ones from the series took place off the court. Various clips of longtime NBA pundit Stephen A. Smith making pre-game tunnel walks continued to go viral. In each video, Smith can be seen wearing tailored suits, but his "First Take" co-host Chris "Mad Dog" Russo wasn't feeling it.

On Wednesday's installment of the ESPN show, Russo took aim at Smith for having his own pre-game tunnel walks. The comments from Russo echoed those of many NBA fans throughout the finals, who continued to crack jokes about Smith appearing as though he was preparing to play in the finals.

"This is ridiculous. He thinks he's playing," Russo said. "How about him walking into game four? With the Celtics on Sunday night in Dallas? Steve, this is stupid. You got a guy behind you. You got the cameras. What do you think you're gonna score 36 this night with the sunglasses on?
"I mean, this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life."

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As Stephen A. Smith explained, he didn't ask for his own pre-game tunnel walk to be filmed. Instead, he revealed that after parking his car, he simply walked into the arena, where cameras happened to be waiting.

Despite that, Smith made it clear that regardless of whether or not he wanted the attention, when you're arriving at an NBA Finals game, you have to look good.

Check out the full exchange, complete with the clips of Stephen A. Smith making his pre-game tunnel walk, below:

Molly Qerim can't help but laugh at 'Mad Dog' Chris Russo's comments about Stephen A. Smith at the NBA Finals after controversial comments on Tuesday's show

As Chris Russo weighed in on Stephen A. Smith's NBA Finals pre-game tunnel walks, "First Take" host Molly Qerim couldn't help but laugh. Specifically, Qerim seemed to find humor in Russo saying Smith appeared poised to drop 36 in the NBA Finals.

During Russo's What Are You Mad About? segment, Qerim chimed in, joking that Smith walked into the arena with irrational confidence. Stephen A. Smith then fired back, saying it wasn't irrational confidence.

The exchange came just one day after a somewhat controversial segment of Tuesday's episode of "First Take." In that instance, Smith raised eyebrows as he pointed out that Luka Doncic was unwilling to address his flaws, likening the situation to asking Qerim not to eat during commercial breaks.

The NBA pundit stated that asking Qerim not to eat is something that would be problematic for her, leaving many fans confused by the comments. However, Qerim fired back, saying that grown women eat, and she's proud of it.

The situation marked the latest in a string of controversies Smith has been a part of as of late with various female co-hosts, such as Monica McNutt.

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