“Dunk that f**king ball…Dunk that sh*t” – Kevin Durant shares Ben Simmons yelled at him for passing the ball on an open dunk opportunity

Brooklyn Nets v Charlotte Hornets
Brooklyn Nets v Charlotte Hornets

Kevin Durant has been doing everything he can to save the Brooklyn Nets season and his teammates are starting to get the same mentality. As a guest on a new episode of The ETCs, Durant shared a funny interaction with his new teammate, Ben Simmons.

Durant is known as one of the best scorers in the league. He's not afraid to go up against anybody and put the ball through the hoop. However, in one play against the Nets' match against the Portland Trail Blazers on November 17, KD opted to share the ball rather than score.

In the game, KD was open and had a clear path to the hoop. It's still a question as to why he passed up an open shot. After that particular action, Simmons had something to say to Durant, which fired him up.

"We ran a play out of the timeout where I fake and I'm going backdoor everytime. He threw the backdoor and I see somebody shift, I don't know, I think it was [Drew] Eubanks or maybe it was [Jusuf] Nurkic who was in the game at the time and I kicked it to Joe [Harris] in the corner," Durant recalled.
"He missed the shot and I look up, Ben was like, "Dunk the f**king ball!"
KD says Ben Simmons yelled at him to “dunk the f*cking ball” after passing up on a dunk(@boardroom @erikslater_)
"I was like, 'A'ight, my bad. I was open.' He was like, 'Yeah, dunk that s**t!' I was like, 'My fault, you right.'"

It's still unclear as to why Kevin Durant passed up a wide-open shot. KD must've been flustered during the game, which is why passing it to the open man was his first instinct. Luckily for the Nets, they won a tight game against the Blazers.


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Aside from Kevin Durant, Ben Simmons also passed up on an open dunk

Brooklyn Nets v Toronto Raptors
Brooklyn Nets v Toronto Raptors

Unlike most stars, Simmons isn't a reliable threat from the outside. Fortunately, he can still do other things very well on the court. However, fans continue to flock to him for probably the biggest blunder of his career. While he was still with the Philadelphia 76ers, the Australian point guard made playoff history.

During a crucial Game 7 against the Atlanta Hawks back in 2021, the Sixers were hanging in a tight situation. The game was closed the entire time and no team backed out on the challenge. Joel Embiid did everything he could to make sure their season lived on by having 31 points and 11 rebounds.


Simmons, on the other hand, wasn't as aggressive as his former teammate. He took only four shots during the entire game and passed up a wide-open dunk that could've changed the series. The moment was etched in the memories of Philly fans as it led to their team's demise.


It seems as if Simmons has learned his lesson and is trying to instill it in his game. That's probably why he yelled at Kevin Durant for not dunking the ball, or maybe he just wanted an assist.

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