Dwight Howard pitches to bring Chicago Bulls legend to his new show: "First guest on my podcast"

Dwight Howard teases massive guest for his podcast
Dwight Howard teases massive guest for his podcast.

Dwight Howard has continued to find himself in headlines in recent weeks, partly due to allegations made by his ex, Royce Reed. Apart from the lawsuit Howard is facing for sexual assault, battery and false imprisonment, Reed has taken aim at her ex.

The situation has created a tremendous amount of negative publicity around Howard, who has continued to look to the future. While his hopes to make it back in the NBA seem to be dwindling by the day, the former three-time Defensive Player of the Year remains optimistic.

With regards to his basketball career, reports have indicated that Howard will likely sign with an overseas team in Europe. As part of a potential contract, Dwight Howard plans to include an NBA-exit clause, which would allow him to join the NBA if an opportunity presents itself.

In the meantime, the longtime NBA vet has also launched a podcast, where he hopes Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman will be his first guest. Taking to social media, Howard teased the podcast while requesting that someone put him in touch with the Hall of Famer, writing:

"Someone tell Denis Rodman I need him to be the first guest on my podcast"

Looking at the latest developments in Dwight Howard's NBA return as well as his legal case

As previously mentioned, Dwight Howard is focused on returning to the NBA, despite the fact that he has continued to struggle to find a team. Over the summer, leading up to the start of the 2023-24 NBA season, Howard worked out with the Golden State Warriors as part of a multi-day tryout.

While it seemed that things had gone well, the Warriors didn't sign Howard. Given the lawsuit filed against Howard by a man named Stephen Harper, it seems likely that teams will wait for the legal process to play out.

While Howard has denied that he sexually assaulted Harper in 2021, there's an ongoing civil suit against the former NBA star. Howard has defended himself against those who have used the opportunity to question his sexuality, saying his private life is his business alone.

Throughout the ordeal, Howard's ex, Royce Reed, has continued to contribute to the negative press surrounding the former NBA star. Through a series of podcast appearances, Reed has made some pretty wild allegations about Howard, pulling back the curtain on their relationship.

With Dwight Howard requesting a summary judgement in the case, it sounds as though the NBA vet is trying to put the scandal behind him quickly. Whether or not that helps him get back in the NBA, only time will tell.

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