"F**k this guy for robbing us" - NBA fans divided over 'dunk of death' victim dissing Joel Embiid on ditching France

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NBA fans react to Frederic Weis' comments regarding Joel Embiid's national team decision

The USA's 12-man roster for the Paris Olympics has plenty of notable talent, but one that stands out is Joel Embiid. The Philadelphia 76ers superstar could have opted to join Team France, but he chose to join fellow NBA MVPs LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry as well as a collection of other superstars on Team USA.

Understandably, the move doesn't sit well with the French. One person who has publicly commented against Embiid is Frederic Weis. He's the former silver medalist who's best known for being on the receiving end of a Vince Carter poster dunk.

Weis had some scathing comments for Embiid, going as far as calling him disrespectful and his decision to play for Team USA "dirty."

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Weis' comments brought out basketball fans who had their opinions on Joel Embiid choosing to play for Team USA. Several sided with Weis, sharing their takes on why Embiid is attracting vitriol.

"Embiid would have saved himself from criticism if he didn’t say he wanted to play for Les Bleus at first," u/Reasonable_Bed7858 wrote.
"If this is the first some of you are hearing about this, Embiid's caused a lot of salty French basketball reactions after he apparently said he wanted to play for Les Bleus and reneged after strings were pulled to get him a French passport," u/CoyoteSideEyes wrote.
"The USA move was a pretty weak move by him. Dude tries to rep Cameroon whenever he can but backs down from playing for them," u/thethirdgreenman weighed in.

Other fans who disagree with Weis or have no issues with Embiid suiting up for Team USA also weighed in.

"I'd understand the frustration if France was lacking quality centers, but they're not lacking in that department at all," u/bearsquadz commented, alluding to Rudy Gobert and Victor Wembanyama.
"Daily reminder that Embiid has literally never lived in France," u/dustinharm wrote.

However, one fan provided a perspective that explored both sides of the argument. Reddit user u/Robinsonirish cussed at Joel Embiid for potentially skewing the competitiveness for the upcoming Olympics but also saw why the big man would choose to play for Team USA.

Comment byu/Imaginary-Mouse-1737 from discussion innba

Joel Emdiid is a citizen of three countries. He is Cameroonian by birth and later on became a French citizen in 2022, allowing him the opportunity to play for the French national team.

Then, later that same year, Embiid received his American citizenship. He moved to the USA as a teenager and has been living in the United States since he was 16.

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What did Frederic Weis say about Joel Embiid's decision to join team USA?

Joel Embiid initially announced his commitment to play for Team USA several weeks after receiving his American Citizenship. Before this announcement, there were some expectations that he would suit up for the French national team.

His decision has drawn the ire of Frenchman Frederic Weis, who was a part of the silver medal-winning French national team in 2000.

In the French radio show RMC, Weis did not hold back on his scathing comments regarding Joel Embiid.

While he acknowledged that he thought the Philadelphia 76ers center is a great player, he considers him to be a "dirty" guy and hates him for his decision. Weis also said that Embiid's decision was extremely disrespectful to the French or to others pining for French citizenship.

Weis said that Embiid's French citizenship should be revoked and that he should be banned from even entering France to the point that when Team USA sets foot on French soil for the Paris Olympics, the government should turn him away.

Why is Frederic Weis famous for the "dunk of death?"

His takes on Joel Embiid are not the first time Frederic Weis has been in the spotlight for something related to international basketball. He is also famous for something that took place in the 2000 Olympics held in Sydney, Australia.

During one play, Gary Payton missed a layup, which almost turned into a fastbreak opportunity for France, but Vince Carter got in the way of an ill-timed outlet pass before the ball could even cross halfcourt.

Weis was the only Frenchman who had not started running in transition, so he decided to get in between Carter and the basket. However, Carter fully elevated over him and threw down for an emphatic dunk.

The most impressive part? Weis is 7-foot-2 while Carter stands 6-6.

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