"For him to have that courage" - Bob Myers gives props to Kevin Durant who called him after his decision to step down as Warriors GM

Golden State Warriors Introduce Kevin Durant
Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers Introduces Kevin Durant

Soon-to-be departing Warriors GM Bob Myers thanked Kevin Durant, among other players, for his successful tenure as an executive with Golden State.

Myers decided to step down with his contract up this offseason. The Dubs publicly announced his decision and conducted a farewell press conference on Tuesday.

Myers reflected on his journey as an executive with the Warriors, thanking every player who played a crucial role in the team's success during his tenure. Durant was among those names. Myers revealed KD called him after he decided to step down as Warriors GM.

Bob Myers proceeded to express his gratitude towards Durant for joining the organization back in 2017 and winning two championships, saying (via Warriors on NBCS):

"Durant called me today. He's in Monaco. What he did for us showing up here, knowing what he would hear about when he made that decision. For him to have that courage...
I remember Joe [Lacob], and I were on the phone with him right before he decided, and you could tell he knew what might be coming down the road if he came to us, and for him to do it and completely deliver on everything that you would want, two finals MVPs, three finals appearances, two championships... What a talent!"

Kevin Durant had lost to the Warriors in the conference finals with the Thunder, who gave up a 3-1 lead against them before joining the franchise. Golden State had blown a 3-1 lead themselves in that year's NBA Finals.

They needed Durant just as much as he needed them, with both sides wanting to win a championship. KD joining the Warriors is a move he still gets criticized for, as it was believed to be the easy way out to win a chip by joining the best team in the league.

However, he still went through with that decision. Kevin Durant could've succumbed to the criticism and the pressure that came with the decision, but he won two championships and two Finals MVPs, contributing significantly to the Dubs' dynasty.

Joe Lacob reveals it was Bob Myers' idea to sign Kevin Durant

Bob Myers was highly responsible for the Golden State Warriors' success. The moves he made since taking over as GM in 2012 set the foundation for the team's dynasty-worthy run down the line.

Myers added Draymond Green via the draft in 2012, followed by the signing of 2015 Finals MVP Andre Iguodala and head coach Steve Kerr in 2015.

He also refused to trade Klay Thompson and others in a potential trade to acquire Kevin Love in 2014. The Warriors went on to win a championship that season. Myers subsequently won the Executive of the Year award for those decisions.

He added another one of those awards a couple of years later when he signed Kevin Durant, JaVale McGee, David West and Zaza Pachulla in 2016.

Warriors owner Joe Lacob revealed during Tuesday's press conference that it was Bob Myers' idea to recruit Durant that offseason. It's one thing to introduce the plan and another to execute it, and that's probably what separated Myers from his counterparts across the league.


Bob Myers won his second EOY award that year, with the Warriors comprehensively winning their second title under his reign.

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