"Get down there": Leaked audio shows Kawhi Leonard visibly infuriated with Ivica Zubac during Clippers-Grizzlies

Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers
Kawhi Leonard shows frustration with Ivica Zubac

The LA Clippers seem to be in trouble and Kawhi Leonard isn’t hiding his frustration with how the team’s been playing since they traded for James Harden. In their last game, they lost 105-101 to the Memphis Grizzlies, the team with the worst record in the Western Conference.

The Clippers had a hard time beating the Grizzlies, who didn’t have key players like Ja Morant, Steven Adams, and Brandon Clarke.

In one instance, Leonard called a pick from center Ivica Zubac and tried to generate some offense. After the pick was set, Zubac rolled to the paint but wasn’t aggressive in asserting his position down low.

He passed the ball to Norman Powell, who drew a shooting foul. Leonard quickly went to Zubac to confront him and tell him where he needed the center to go. Out of frustration, the two-time Finals MVP yelled at the center. Los Angeles called timeout and it took a while for the two-way star to make his way to the bench.

"Yo!" Leonard yelled. "You’re just standing… get down there!"

Following this, Russell Westbrook also showed some frustration after he was subbed out of the game in exchange for Harden. As he made his way to the bench, viewers could clearly read his lips saying “D**n.”

When the game was close, his teammates stood up and cheered for the team, but Westbrook remained calm and seated.

It looks like the Harden experiment isn’t working for the Clippers. They’ve lost five games since acquiring the former MVP, four of which the frustrated guard played in. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia 76ers haven’t faced a major problem, as Tyrese Maxey has emerged as a reliable star with Joel Embiid.

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Kawhi Leonard addressed their struggles with Harden

The Clippers are trying their best to make things work and Kawhi Leonard knows it will take some time. Following their 105-101 loss against Memphis, Leonard addressed what the team was experiencing with Harden in the past games.

"Obviously like I said, we have four guys on the floor that are used to having a ball, used to finding a rhythm just by feeling and touching it all game," Leonard said per Andrew Greif of Los Angeles Times. "You could see it, you kind of seen it with Luka and Kyrie last year. They was trying to figure it out."

Leonard said the team and players need more time to gel together on the court. According to the five-time All-Star, the Clippers will soon find their stride and move on from losing.

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