“Let's say they got Jordan #1 right now and they got LeBron #2” – Gilbert Arenas believes NBA 75 team is not the most skilled, says changing it to NBA 'top' 75 team serves the purpose of ranking players

BIG3 - Week Six
BIG3: Week 6, Former All-Star Gilbert Arenas

Every 25 years, the NBA puts together a ranking of the top players in league history. The latest installment came last season, when the "NBA 75" team was assembled.

Along with the top players of previous generations, some players were chosen with possible future accolades in mind. These include Damian Lillard and LA Lakers star Anthony Davis.

One former All-Star who did not make the cut was Gilbert Arenas. That didn't stop him from giving his thoughts on how the NBA made their list.

In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Arenas chimed in on the NBA's thought process when choosing players. He thinks players like Davis and Lillard should not have been chosen, and the list should be strictly the top 75 players in history.

"I think that some of those guys should be taken out like if it's top, make it top 75, just not 75 and then the next 100 make it top. There should be a ranking."
"Let's say they got Jordan's number one right now and they got LeBron #2, right, but LeBron still got four more years. After his four more years does he actually overtake Jordan? Like that's something we want to see when they do the new listing."

Is Gilbert Arenas right about how the NBA should have made its top 75 list?

Orlando Magic vs. Portland Trail Blazers
Orlando Magic vs. Portland Trail Blazers

Some might agree with Gilbert Arenas on this topic, but other factors needed to be considered when the NBA made its top 75 team. Since the league won't put out another list for 25 years, future accolades have to be taken into consideration. Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard are both top-level talents in the game today, and still have a few years of dominance left in them.

Voters made the right decision to rank them in the top 75. When it's time to put together a top 100 team, they will not take a spot away from anyone who made the previous list.

Because different people value different things, creating a consensus ranking of all-time players would be next to impossible. In reality, the league did not make the list a ranking system. This is to honor the greatest talents the game has ever seen.

Arenas averaged 20.7 points, 5.3 assists and 3.9 rebounds over a span of 11 seasons. He was a three-time All-Star, and won the Most Improved Player Award in 2003.

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