“Giving up is for the weak”: NBA fans roast James Harden for reportedly wanting Clippers trade against team’s wishes 

Los Angeles Clippers v Philadelphia 76ers
James Harden is waiting out for a move to the Los Angeles Clippers according to reports

James Harden might just go down in NBA lore as the most dramatic basketball player of all time. The Beard has sworn to entertain, be in on the court with his step-backs and animated displays, or be it with all the drama and attention he creates with trade rumors and protests alike.

This off-season, Harden has chosen to give the fans something to talk about with his comments about 76ers' President of Baseball Operations Daryl Morey and his demand for a move away from the Philadelphia 76ers, deeming the relationship unfixable.

While the Clippers also seemed to be keen to acquire the former MVP, the Sixers and the Clippers do not seem to be in agreement with regards to what constitutes an acceptable price for Harden and the pursuit has reportedly been ended by the LA-based franchise.

James Harden, however, seems to not have given up hope on playing alongside Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Russell Westbrook on his quest for an elusive ring.

The same has been reported by various outlets and NBA Twitter has had a field day thanks to the Beard, yet again. "Giving up is for the weak" mocked fans as they sarcastically took a dig at Harden's commitment to a move away from Philly.

James Harden has gone from a star admired by many to the butt of many a joke. While he isn't to be written off as a joke entirely, this pattern of continued drama might just have him remembered as more of a troublemaker rather than as one of the finest scorers of all time.

James Harden has now demanded a trade from every franchise he has played for in the NBA

James Harden's tenure as a Sixer appears to be coming to an end
James Harden's tenure as a Sixer appears to be coming to an end

Harden remains a feared player in the league but his reputation for ditching franchises is certainly a factor precluding any interest in him in the league.

After having moved away from the team that drafted him for a bigger role, Harden got his way and moved to Houston where he was the undisputed star. But stardom didn't translate to team success and after a few failed roster moves to please Harden, team and player threw the towel and the player got his preferred move to the Brooklyn Nets.

At the Nets, the belief was that Harden's combination with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would lead to an unbeatable outfit. But that too, did not pan out. James Harden was the first to bail and the dominos fell one after the other. This time again, Harden got to move to his preferred destination, the Philadelphia 76ers, where he was paired with MVP Joel Embiid.

However, as is the trend with James Harden, this too proved to be short-lived euphoria. This time, the Clippers are Harden's preferred destination and while a move looks off the chart, history suggests that he will get his way in some time.

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