“He deserves to be surrounded by committed people, Chris Paul is committed… Pat Riley is committed” - Colin Cowherd says Kevin Durant is making a good decision by requesting a trade from the Nets, says he rolled the dice

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant
Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant's trade request is a good decision, according to analyst Colin Cowherd, who said that KD rolled the dice with Brooklyn and it did not work out.After leaving Golden State for the Nets in 2019, Durant attempted to gather his own squad and try to lead a championship run of his own. As both Kyrie Irving and James Harden failed to produce for him, Durant requested a trade.

Cowherd said:

“He deserves to be surrounded by committed people. (Phoenix Suns guard) Chris Paul is committed. … (Miami Heat team president) Pat Riley is committed. (Heat coach) Erik Spoelstra is committed. (Heat standout) Jimmy Butler is committed. That’s the kind of team you need."

Analyst claims Kevin Durant is making a good decision leaving Brooklyn

Kevin Durant’s decision to request a trade from Brooklyn comes as Kyrie Irving opted into his player option for $36.5 million next season with the Nets. Though Irving's decision does not lock him into the squad for good, it seemed to indicate Irving had plans to stay in Brooklyn.

.@ColinCowherd’s thoughts on KD wanting out

Cowherd said Durant's decision in 2019 to join the Nets was a gamble with nobody at fault:

“Hey, he rolled the dice, went to Brooklyn, didn’t like it, said it a million times. But there’s no reason to feel guilty about it. Move on. We all make mistakes. Kevin Durant with Phoenix, Kevin Durant with Miami, that’s what I’m talking about. He’s earned that.”

Durant left Golden State to try something new, and it didn't work. It happens to players across all levels of the game, even the most elite. As a result, Cowherd believes Durant has earned his right to join elite company with a reliable coach.

Although KD already had both of those things in Golden State, he left to attempt to make his own name. After his championships with the Warriors were tainted by claims he had chased a title, he left.

Unfortunately for him, the Nets did not work out. The big three had very little playing time together.

Irving played in just 103 of 226 games in three seasons. James Harden struggled with chemistry and injuries before forcing a trade in February. Durant missed all of 2019-20 with the Achilles tendon injury and played in 35 of 72 games in 2020-21 (mostly because of a hamstring issue). Last season, he was limited to 55 games because of a knee injury.

After Harden was traded to Philadelphia, he got flack from fans who said he was trophy chasing instead of staying loyal. But James seemed to have noticed something during the season.

Joining a new squad alongside MVP candidate Joel Embiid, Harden played his role and adapted relatively well.

Durant may have seen that happen, and how many gaps there are in Brooklyn, as a sign to move forward. As the elites continue aging, their patience for team building and chemistry development drains. KD and Irving do not have the luxury of waiting around on a team for it to develop.

The Brooklyn experiment did not work out, and as a result the two are seeking a change in scenery. Cowherd said there is no fault to be had.

Staying loyal to a team that has not proven to be reciprocal is not a player's job. That's especially true for a player like Durant, who does what he wants, when he wants.

Teams like the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns are great options for Durant, but the Nets don't want to lose KD without getting the Suns' Devin Booker in return.

That could leave Miami as the frontrunner. But after years of developing the full-unit squad they have, is tearing that apart worth it? Even for a player like Durant?

KD has earned the ability to make moves as he pleases. The man is not only a champion, but one of the most elite shooters the game has ever seen. If the Nets did not prove to be as committed as he was, that would be all it takes for him to move forward.

As Durant moves on, the question of Irving’s future still remains, but it can be said that KD tried his best to do what he could with Brooklyn. There is only so much a player can, regardless of his ability.

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