“He dropped the ball… They're gonna hold the NBA and Adam Silver feet to the fire”- Kendrick Perkins slams Adam Silver for minimum suspension for Sarver

2022 NBA Finals - NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference
2022 NBA Finals, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's press conference.

The NBA recently came out with its official statement regarding the independent investigation against Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver. However, the league found itself on the wrong end of the stick. It took heavy criticism from fans and the media alike for its inadequate punitive actions.

Commissioner Adam Silver, in an official press conference, addressed the investigation. Former player and current analyst Kendrick Perkins wasn't too fond of Silver's comments:

"You know, racism, whether it's guys fighting for in their communities for social justice, things to that nature. This was the first time that I actually listened to Adam Silver. He's not prepared and he dropped the ball.
"And I just feel like, right now, it's not a good look for the NBA. I feel like that press conference wasn't a good look. And I feel like this is just the start of it. Because now players are gonna come out and they're gonna hold the NBA and Adam Silver feet to the fire."


Robert Sarver's transgressions deserve severe punitive action and NBA's punishments aren't nearly close to it

Charlotte Hornets vs. Phoenix Suns.
Charlotte Hornets vs. Phoenix Suns.

In November 2021, ESPN's Baxter Holmes put out an expository piece detailing the rampant systemic sexism and racism that plagued the Phoenix Suns organization. Holmes' piece specifically singled out Suns owner Robert Sarver as the primary perpetrator.

After Holmes' article came out, the NBA launched its own independent investigation into the matter. The final word on it was announced recently.

The NBA today issued the following statement:

Sarver was fined $10 million for his transgressions, which included repeatedly saying the N-word publicly. The transgressions also included inequitable conduct toward women in the workplace, mostly making sex-related and inappropriate comments.

The majority of the media and fans have stated Sarver's fine and suspension as inadequate and inconsequential punishments for a billionaire, and rightfully so.

Many have compared Sarver to the former disgraced owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling, after recordings of his racist comments were made public. Sterling was banned from the league for life and fined $2.5 million.

Suns fans and media alike have chimed in with strong opposition toward the league's punishments.

Mike Vigil, along with Sam Cooper, hosts BlueWire's "The Timeline," a podcast centered around the Phoenix Suns.

The bank that Robert Sarver founded finished their own internal investigation four months before the NBA did and they ousted him with no issues. The NBA is full of cowards and enablers.…

ESPN's Zach Lowe called for Sarver to be removed from the league.

Zach Lowe with some excellent perspective on Robert Sarver on NBA Today. @ZachLowe_NBA

Sarver's misconduct and archaic behavior have no place in the league. It is also to be noted that Sarver owns the Phoenix Mercury, a Phoenix-based WNBA team.

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