“He gives you everything he has… He’s the best get a bucket guy in the league” - Colin Cowherd believes Kevin Durant is being unfairly lumped in the ‘diva and high maintenance’ group

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn <a href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'>Nets</a>
Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets

Trade rumors surrounding Kevin Durant have reportedly started to slow down. Analyst Colin Cowherd thinks that's so because he is unfairly grouped with the league's high-maintenance guys.

"From what I understand, the trade talks involving Kevin Durant have slowed to a trickle."—@WindhorstESPN(via @GetUpESPN)

Since Durant requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, not many teams have indicated an interest in acquiring the two-time NBA champ. Those that have are unable to meet the Nets' steep asking price.

It is unclear why teams are not jumping at the thought of getting arguably the league's best scorer. Cowherd gave an insight, saying some executives have classed KD as "high maintenance."

On "The Herd with Colin Cowherd," the analyst talked about how Durant is being seen as a diva, calling it unfair. He also pointed out that KD's work rate and commitment are never in question, regardless of the situation.

"He's being lumped in," Cowherd said. "The league is clearly pivoting. A lot of execs, too, were over the diva, high-maintenance guys. He's being lumped in with Kyrie (Irving), (Ben) Simmons, (James) Harden and (Russell) Westbrook."

Cowherd continued:

"Kevin Durant, as the league is transitioning, a lot of execs are saying the Celtics are about culture, the Bucks are about culture, the Suns are about culture, the Warriors are about culture. Kevin Durant is being lumped in as high maintenance.
"29 a game, 52%, plays hard, plays defense, when he's available physically, he gives you everything he has, and he is being lumped as like a Kyrie, Harden – declining, odd. And I'm like, he's the best get a bucket guy in the league. I do think he has to break up with Kyrie. He gets lumped into that group, and I don't think it's fair."

Although Cowherd now believes it is unfair, he has previously said that Durant is high maintenance, at least compared to Steph Curry.


The Golden State Warriors are not interested in Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets dribbles against Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors.
Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets dribbles against Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors.

Many have floated the idea of Durant returning to the Golden State Warriors, while others believe it will not be good for KD's legacy. However, fans need not worry about that as Warriors general manager Bob Myers has explicitly said they are fine with their current team.

I caught up with Warriors GM Bob Myers at the ESPYs. Considering what Myers said here generally, safe to say Warriors don't plan to reunite with Kevin Durant. Myers: “I like our team and where it’s at. I want to give the guys a chance to do it again.”

Myers said that he loves the current team and wants to allow them to run it back. Although they have let go of some role players and made new acquisitions, their core remains untouchable.

The Warriors were perhaps the only team that could give the Nets All-Star players as well as several draft picks.

Given how things have progressed, there is a chance KD will stay with Brooklyn. No team is ready to meet the Nets' demands, meaning Durant might play the first of his four-year contract in Brooklyn.

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