“He’s the reason why Kevin Durant left…It’s not exactly a consistent career” - NBA analyst believes Draymond Green capitalized on being a good player for a great franchise, says he doesn’t deserve a max deal

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors
Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green has reportedly asked for a max contract extension from the Golden State Warriors. However, sports analyst Dan Patrick does not believe he deserves such a contract.

Draymond Green ‘wants and believes’ he deserves a maximum contract extension, per @ThompsonScribe

Green has been an integral part of the Warriors' dynasty, and one could argue that the Warriors would not have as many titles without him. He has helped them win four titles in eight years.

Since joining the NBA, Green has always played for the Warriors. He signed a four-year $99 million deal in 2019, with the final year of his contract being a player option.

At the end of next season, Green's future will be up to him. If he fails to reach an agreement with the Warriors, he could decline his player option and become a free agent.

Report: Warriors don’t plan to offer max extension to Draymond Green, who’s willing to explore ‘outside options’ to get deal he wants…

On "The Dan Patrick Show," the cast reacted to Green's demand for a max contract. Patrick is not thrilled by Green's inconsistency and believes he is not worth that much.

"If you're Draymond Green, what are you taking to the negotiating table?" Patrick said. "'He, I shot under 30% from three-point range and I disappeared on multiple occasions in this year's playoffs. Any questions?' Now, he can say, 'We won.' Could they have won without Draymond Green? I'm gonna say yes. I think they could have.
"He's 32 coming off a string of poor playoff performances, and I can't imagine handing him a max deal. I think he's probably more interested in what's going on with his broadcasting career, post-basketball career. I just think there are times when he's not very good when he's on the floor."

After drawing parallels with several NFL players, Patrick said:

"I think Draymond's just a good player in a great place, capitalized on it and he's going to win. You know he's the reason why Kevin Durant left. He cost him a NBA Finals. So, as good as he's been, you know, I can look back, and it's not exactly a consistent career."

Although Green does not score much, his role as the point forward makes the entire team look better. He has provided the most assists to Steph Curry's 3,117 3-pointers.

Steph Curry considers himself, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson a package deal

Draymond Green (left), Klay Thompson (middle) and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors
Draymond Green (left), Klay Thompson (middle) and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are reportedly unwilling to honor Green's request for a max deal. That might cause some drama in the franchise as Steph Curry has said he will not be happy if the forward leaves.

The Athletic reported that Curry considers their Big Three of himself, Green and Klay Thompson as a package deal. Although it will be a stretch to think that Curry will demand a trade if Green leaves, he has made his stance on the topic clear.

Steph Curry would not be happy if the Warriors lost Draymond Green because the team didn’t want to pay him, sources tell @ThompsonScribe and @anthonyVslater.Curry has a desire for Green and Klay Thompson to be with him for the length of his stay.…

The debate around the NBA community has centered on Green's deliverables. Although he brings a lot of intangibles to the game, many believe his poor scoring numbers are worth considering if he is to get a max deal.

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