How many children does Ayesha Curry have with Steph Curry? Exploring Warriors superstar's family & more

How many children does Ayesha Curry have with Steph Curry?
How many children does Ayesha Curry have with Steph Curry?

Stephen and Ayesha Curry have shared another momentous development in their lives together with the arrival of another member of their family. Being associated with a two-time NBA MVP and one of the greatest shooters of all time has garnered the Curry family immense attention from the media and the public. The couple announced it through an Instagram post.

With the birth of their new child, how many children does Ayesha Curry have with Steph Curry? The Canadian American actress now has four kids together with the Golden State Warriors superstar. Their children are named Riley (11), Ryan (8), Cannon (5) and the newest member Caius Chai.

Additionally, Riley was born back on July 19, 2012, while Ryan arrived on July 10, 2015, and Cannon on July 2, 2018.

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Stephen and Ayesha Curry announce the birth of their fourth child with an Instagram post

The Warriors guard announced the birth of her child with Ayesha Curry in a joint Instagram post. The caption also featured a wholesome post as the couple shared their excitement over their baby boy finally joining the family.

"Our sweet baby boy decided to make an early arrival," Curry said. "He's doing great and we are finally settling in at home as a family of six. So grateful. Caius Chai, 5/11/24."

The post has garnered over 592,108 likes on Instagram as it featured a close-up picture of the tiny hand of their child being held.

Ayesha Curry talked about how her three kids were excited over their new sibling

During an appearance on the Studio A1 Today show, Ayesha Curry shared how her three children were excited over the news that they would be joined by another member of the family. With Riley feeling ecstatic over it, Ayesha revealed that Ryan and Canon kept asking and checking for updates regarding their baby brother.

Additionally, Ayesha shared an interesting viewpoint when it comes to pregnancy. For the famous vlogger, she doesn't feel bothered by being pregnant at this stage in her life and instead welcomes the opportunity. Compared to how others would react to getting pregnant around their 30s and 40s, Curry feels the exact opposite by not being alarmed.

"Many women in their 30s and 40s are going through this for the first time," Curry said, "and being told you're 'old' feels alarming and wild. I think the narrative needs to be shifted a little bit."

Moreover, Curry also did a photo shoot for the first digital issue of her Sweet July brand where she discussed the growing nature of her family.

Featured in the cover photo of the digital issue is a striking pose from Curry before she gave birth to her fourth child with the 10-time NBA All-Star.

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