"I'll love the opportunity to play with Bron" - Draymond Green gets real on teaming up with LeBron James on Warriors

Draymond Green gets real on teaming up with LeBron James on Warriors
Draymond Green gets real on teaming up with LeBron James on Warriors

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green expressed his thoughts on teaming up with Los Angeles Lakers ace LeBron James. Green appeared on the "Point Game" podcast, where the host asked him about his thoughts on teaming up with King James.

"As much as I'll love the oppurtunity to play with Bron one day," Green said. "It puts the wrap on the possibilities of that because as long this franchise (Golden State Warriors) will have me there is where I'll be."

The Warriors star revealed that his kids call LeBron uncle, while he holds the Lakers star as a brother in his heart. Green revealed that he is a relationship guy and cherishes the people he has in his life.

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"I never take any of my brothers in my life for granted, I am always thankful," Green said.

Despite the close bond, it will be hard for them to team up on the court unless King James comes to the Warriors. Green revealed that he has always thought of ending his career as a Warriors player so the possibility of him teaming up with the Lakers legend at this stage of their careers is quite slim.

Draymond Green once tried to hit LeBron James in the NBA Finals

The 2016 NBA finals is arguably one of the best final series in the league's history. It featured a LeBron James-led Cleaveland Cavaliers with Kyrie Irving acting as his second in command, versus the Golden State Warriors who went 73-9 in the regular season.

During Game 4 of that series, Draymond Green had an altercation with LeBron James and was suspended for Game 5. In a recent episode of Shaquille O'Neal's "The Big Podcast," Draymond Green revealed the story when he tried to hit Bron that night.

"I tried to hit Lebron and I got suspended for Game 5 of the Finals," Green said. "You step over me I'm a grown a** man. You don't step over my shoulder. There's a lot of space on the basketball court, I don't take up that much space. You don't need to go over my shoulder. You go over my shoulder, you're disrespecting me as a man."

Green highlighted that he felt disrespected by King James' actions. So after the game, he attempted to hit the then-Cavaliers star. However, the officials did not let anything happen. Later, the league announced Draymond Green's suspension for Game 5 of the series.

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