“I'm happy that Steph came out and said he loved playing with Kevin”- Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers comments on Steph and KD’s relationship, says rumors emerge from media "pursuing hypotheticals"

Golden State Warriors v Brooklyn Nets
Golden State Warriors vs. Brooklyn Nets.

There’s no denying that Steph Curry and Kevin Durant experienced a ton of success in their short time together for the Golden State Warriors. In three seasons, they made three finals and won two championships. They likely would have won a third if Durant was not injured during the 2019 finals against the Toronto Raptors.

Yet even during the peak of their success, there were constant rumors that Durant was not happy at Golden State. Most of these rumors had to do with the assumption that the Warriors would always be Curry’s team no matter what Durant accomplished.

The overpowering narrative that Durant took the easy way out by joining a super team also contributed to the never-ending rumors and drama. This continued until Durant eventually left the Warriors for the Brooklyn Nets in the summer of 2019.

So it was quite encouraging for many to hear that Curry does in fact still have a good relationship with Durant. Golden State Warriors president and general manager Bob Myers is among those who are happy that the alleged drama is over. In an interview with Tim Kawakami from The Athletic, Myers had this to say about Curry’s relationship with Durant:

“I'll say a couple of things. One, I love the fact that Steph showed that he does have a good relationship with Kevin. I think it was often thought or maybe rumored that they weren't close. I'm happy that Steph came out and said he loved playing with Kevin. He loves the player, loves the guy.
“As far as my answer to specifics, I can't. But what I will say is that it's hard now in the business. And maybe because the media are very good at pursuing hypotheticals. And it's hard for an executive to respond to things that didn't happen or were thought to happen. ... Because there's so much that we do.”

The Golden State Warriors had a constant target on their backs since they signed Durant in 2016. The pressure to make everything work from players and coaches relationships to front office moves was enormous.

Myers was constantly tasked with finding the right complementary players to fit alongside the Warriors’ stars without much of a budget. He didn’t have time to deal with the constant rumors and hypotheticals surrounding Durant.

In the end, Myers, Curry and Durant did everything they could to ignore the drama and lead the Warriors to success. As difficult as the situation was, it looks like they can look back fondly on their run together without any grudges or hard feelings.

Is the Golden State Warriors’ 2022 NBA title worth more than their titles in 2017 and 2018?

2022 NBA Finals, Game 6.
2022 NBA Finals, Game 6.

A common debate since the Golden State Warriors' 2022 championship has been which of their titles holds the most value. Many fans have gone as far as to say that the 2022 title is worth more than the 2017 and 2018 titles combined. This notion was confirmed by Warriors superstar Stephen Curry himself in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated.

During the interview, Curry was asked whether the 2022 title was the most special and he said:

"Absolutely. You don't find me ugly crying on the court for no reason. That raw emotion that came out after Game 6 kind of signaled how much this meant to me. How much this meant to our team.
"The first, you don't really know what you're doing until you accomplish it and then you're celebrating. The next two were kind of validation for trying to remain champions. But after these last three years, winning that one, definitely the most special."

In another follow-up question, Curry was asked if he'd rather keep the 2022 title or the two he won with Kevin Durant in 2017 and 2018. He replied:

"I want this one. Give me this one, all day every day."

Some might take this as a shot at Durant, but as previously stated, there are no hard feelings between the two. The Golden State Warriors’ 2022 title is just a matter of the team overcoming the odds after two seasons of missing the playoffs. When compared to the previous two titles, this was bound to feel special.

The Golden State Warriors probably still needed Durant to beat LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in those finals. Still, nothing compares to a good old-fashioned underdog story.


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