"I haven't proven anything" - Victor Wembanyama remains humble despite being called the greatest ever NBA prospect

2023 NBA Draft
Victor Wembanyama knows he still has to prove himself on the court despite all the hype.

Long before the San Antonio Spurs made Victor Wembanyama the No. 1 pick of the 2023 NBA Draft, he was already showered with praise. Steph Curry called him a “cheat code.” LeBron James described the young French phenom as “an alien.”

When asked by NBA writer Bryan Kalborsky to name a team capable of beating the fictional 'Monstars', Wembanyama didn’t hesitate. He enumerated Steph Curry, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Tim Duncan and Shaquille O’Neal as just the quintet to save the earth.

Kalborsky questioned Wembanyama why he didn’t include his name. The rookie responded:

“I haven’t proven anything, man.”

San Antonio Spurs fans certainly rejoiced with this answer from Victor Wembanyama. Despite all the hype and expectations, he remains grounded in reality. He knows that he will be ultimately judged by what he accomplishes on the court and not what people think he can achieve.

Wembanyama has been in several interviews since his arrival for the NBA draft. In most of his one-on-one conversations, he’s pleasantly surprised many with the depth of his answers.

In an episode of 'The Old Man and The Three', the French basketball superstar was asked by former NBA player JJ Redick about his “totem.” Redick was referring to the thing that keeps Wembanyama focused, determined and grounded.

Wembanyama’s answer stunned the hosts of the show:

(3:30 mark)

“My totem is something bigger than basketball. It’s just accomplishing yourself inside this universe.
"When I need motivation, when I need energy, when I’m tired and I need to fight on the court and it’s hard, I always remember, I’m free in the universe. I do what I can. I know what I wanna do and nothing’s gonna stop me from doing it.
“It doesn’t just stop in basketball, it’s about life.”

JJ Redick’s blurted out his spontaneous, reaction:

“F**k, man. He’s reached enlightenment!”

Victor Wembanyama was celebrated by basketball fans in San Antonio during his arrival

The serendipity involving the San Antonio Spurs and Victor Wembanyama was finally real in the eyes of basketball fans in the city. Many weren’t able to go to Brooklyn to watch the 2023 NBA Draft. However, most of them trooped to San Antonio’s AT&T Center to watch the occasion of his arrival.

On Friday, they finally saw the team’s basketball savior walk off the airplane to greet them. Wembanyama’s plane was greeted by a water cannon salute while sirens blared in the airport during his arrival.

Retired former Spur, Antonio Daniels, had this to say about the atmosphere in the city with the arrival of Wembanyama:

“If I can explain to you and try to put into words the amount of hype around Victor Wembanyama here in San Antonio, you would think I was over-exaggerating. The AT&T [Center] was packed like it was the 2014 NBA Finals.
“You only get this for Victor Wembanyama. Downtown, it was like we won the championship in 1999.

The city of San Antonio can't wait to see their team start its campaign for the 2023-24 season with Wembanyama in the lineup.

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