"I would have to say Kyrie" - 3x Sixth Man of the Year winner believes Kyrie Irving to be a player from today's NBA that reminds him the most of himself

Kyrie Irving during the Cleveland Cavaliers v Brooklyn Nets game
Kyrie Irving during the Cleveland Cavaliers v Brooklyn Nets game

Kyrie Irving is one of the most skilful point guards in the league. Even before him, there were players that could make life difficult for opponents with their bag of skills. Among them was the three-time Sixth Man of the Year Jamal Crawford.

J-Crossover had a brief stint with the Brooklyn Nets during his final few years in the league. It was at the same time that Kyrie Irving made his way into the team. Having seen the seven-time All-Star up close, Crawford stated that it was Kyrie who reminded him the most about himself.

Although Crawford was a bench player and Kyrie has always been a starter, both have had some of the best handles in the league. Speaking about why Kyrie Irving reminded him of his game, Jamal Crawford said on NBA Today that:

"I would have to say Kyrie, because we got a chance to workout together. Some of the things we see, a lot of people see handles, but the things we talk about is the handles, the footwork and then the mind, it's all connected.
"So when you those three things, itโ€™s like it is like we are Neo in the Matrix just dribbling, cause weโ€™re just getting to the spot at that point and navigating traffic.
"So I think we see things the same, I think we're more similar even though we're different size-wise, as far as me being 6.5 and him 6.3.โ€

Kyrie Irving also has one of the best layup packages in the league. Jamal Crawford was also not very far behind. Both are also exceptional scorers and can dribble past opponents with ease.

All of these are indicators that both of them have similar playing styles. Both played different roles in their careers, but there is no denying that both have had their individual impact on the game.

This angle of Jamal Crawford's game-tying layup with 1:10 to go is pretty nuts because you can actually see Boris Diaw getting his pinky on the ball as Crawford lays it up.

How important is the next season for Kyrie Irving?

Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics - Game One
Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics - Game One

The Brooklyn Nets have been in the headlines all throughout the offseason due to their ongoing situation with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

At the start of free agency, it looked like both would be on their way out of the Nets. But as the weeks have gone by, all those talks have fizzled out. With two months to go before training camp, it looks like the franchise is planning to run it back next season.

Kyrie Irvingโ€™s 60 piece against the Magic was a thing of beauty.

Regardless of what happens in his future with the Nets, next season is going to be an important one for Kyrie Irving. The 30-year-old has faced a lot of criticism over his decision not to take the covid vaccine.

He missed out on more than half of the last season with the Nets. However, the 2016 NBA champion now needs to put his best foot forward.

I love Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is eligible for a max-contract extension this offseason. However, the franchise decided not to give him the max deal owing to his availability problems.

He then opted into his contract with the Nets. Post that, he has been linked with a move to the LA Lakers. However, it looks like he will represent the Nets next season as well.

๐ŸŽฉ๐Ÿช„ Le magicien Kyrie Irving.Le meilleur ยซ handle ยป de lโ€™histoire.

If he runs it back with them, Kyrie Irving will have to prove his ability to the organization. Undoubtedly, he is talented and can help them become contenders in the East. But the Nets want accountability from him and if they get that, they will give him the deal that he is looking for.

One of my favorite Kyrie Irving moments ever ๐Ÿ’€

He is in the prime years of his career and if he gets going, things are going to be tough for opposition defenders. Even the KD situation seems to be coming under control as he will meet with the Nets owners this week.

They also have other talented players like Ben Simmons, Seth Curry and Joe Harris on the roster. If all works well, the team from Brooklyn are set to be a side to watch out for in the East.

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