Joakim Noah hails Derrick Rose’s strive for greatness while playing for Chicago Bulls: “I would see fear in their eyes…He was a killer”

Chicago Bulls v Miami Heat - Game Four
Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat, Game 4

Joakim Noah was a teammate of a beloved NBA figure, Derrick Rose, who captivated fans with the way he played. Rose's former teammate shared what made the point guard special.

On "The Old Man & The Three," Noah shared stories of what separated Rose from the rest. Even as a quiet person, Rose was still able to lead the Chicago Bulls to the playoffs consistently. The No. 1 pick in 2008 also didn't back down from any challenge, making him the perfect star for his hometown team.

"The fear that he put in people who played against him, the top guys, I would see fear in their eyes all the time," Noah said. "He was quiet, and he was a killer.
"He was a legit superstar, but he carried himself completely different than everybody else. ... He was chill. He just wanted to be with the guys. He was chill with it."

Noah and Rose played together from the 2008-09 season until the 2015-16 season. Together, they became the rivals of a Miami Heat team that changed the course of the NBA. JNoah was the defensive anchor of the Bulls squad that was coached by Tom Thibodeau, who is known for defense.

The Eastern Conference finals were the deepest the Bulls reached, with Noah and Rose as the pillars. Every time they matched up against the Heat in the playoffs, though, they'd lose in five games. But that fueled the competition and anomisity between the teams.


Noah retired in 2020 after a series of setbacks, including a drug-related issue. Rose, on the other hand, is still active in the NBA. He still plays for Thibodeau as a backup point guard for the New York Knicks.

Joakim Noah had an interesting encounter with Phil Jackson

Former New York Knicks big man Joakim Noah
Former New York Knicks big man Joakim Noah

Most fans recognize Joakim Noah as the All-Star center for the Bulls. But he also had the opportunity to play for the famed New York Knicks. During the 2016 offseason, the Knicks signed the two-time All-Star to a four-year $72 million, hoping for a new age of Knicks basketball.

Joakim Noah and the Knicks are expected to part ways before training camp, per @ShamsCharaniaNoah signed a 4-year/$72M contract with New York in 2016

At the time, Phil Jackson was heavily involved with the Knicks organization as the team's president of basketball operations. His stint wasn't memorable as he traded fan-favorite players for subpar role players. The only decent move he made was when he selected Kristaps Porzingis with the fourth pick.

According to Sports Illustrated writer Chris Herring, Joakim Noah had a fascinating encounter with his executive boss. Noah told Herring that he went to Montana to meet up with the Zen Master. The only thing is, he didn't let Jackson know he was going to show up at his home.

The former Defensive Player of the Year knocked on the door and was greeted by a confused Jackson. When asked what his agenda is, Noah simply answered:

"I dunno."
Noah showed up at Phil's house in Montana & knocked on his door. "[Phil] said, 'Why are you here?' [Noah] said "I dunno." 😳

Jackson and Noah didn't achieve much with the Knicks. The famed coach was fired in 2017, and the defensive center was waived before the start of the 2018-19 season.

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