ICYMI: ‘Stranger Things’ actor Caleb McLaughlin pays tribute to Kobe Bryant by choosing iconic #8 for his character’s high school jersey

Caleb McLaughlin's Lucas Sinclair wearing the #8 jersey
Caleb McLaughlin's Lucas Sinclair wearing the #8 jersey
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As the fourth season of Netflix's Stranger Things hits screens across the world. the show paid tribute to LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant via Lucas Sinclair, who donned the #8 on his jersey.

Sinclair, portrayed by actor Caleb McLaughlin, is seen wearing the Hawkins High School basketball jersey at several different points in the season as he attempts to change his image from a "geek" to a relative "jock."

A key aspect to take note of on his jersey is the number he selected. While it seemed like a coincidence that McLaughlin's Lucas Sinclair wore the #8, Netflix officially disclosed that the number was a reference to Bryant, who was a bit of an idol to McLaughlin.

.@calebmclaughlin paid tribute to Kobe Bryant on 'Stranger Things' 💜💛 (via @netflix, @strongblacklead)

With the fourth season's first volume sweeping the world, the series itself has continued to grow with regards to its overall fan base.

Taking several turns as it prepares to head into volume two - set for release on July 1st - the show has also been confirmed to make a return for another season.

Kobe Bryant's impact

Los Angeles Remembers NBA Star Kobe Bryant
Los Angeles Remembers NBA Star Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring figures in basketball history. Whether it's his style of play or his impact on people because of his performances, Bryant has touched the lives of several people.

Keeping his influence on culture in mind, Bryant can most notably be remembered for the gesture of calling out "Kobe" while shooting an object into "goal."

Hilariously, the Lakers legend's acts of heroism in end-of-game situations have influenced a generation to do the same in the most mundane situations.

Having dedicated the entirety of his career to the Purple and Gold, Kobe Bryant stands as one of the few players in the modern era alongside Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan to don the same colors for their entire career.

His impact is still felt in the league today as players offer up tributes to the legend in any manner they can.

I miss Kobe
Jayson Tatum wearing a Kobe 24 armband in Game 7 💜💛

While gradually shifting to his impact on the media as well, it is hard to ignore the role Bryant has played in the lives of media personalities.

Given the close ties between the basketball community and the entertainment industry, news of Bryant's death in early 2020 saw a flood of heartbreaking reactions from celebrities.

The unfortunate incident was a spectacle of how Kobe touched the lives of many through his unyielding efforts and hardworking mentality.

In this regard, Kobe Bryant has had accomplishments in the field of media as well. He also won an Academy Award for his short-film "Dear Basketball."

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