"Ignorant a** people out there" - Stephen A. Smith rides with LeBron James' idea of ditching Lakers game for Bronny James' USC debut

LeBron James
LeBron James' idea of ditching Lakers game for Bronny James' USC debut gets supported by Stephen A. Smith

LeBron James made it known that he will miss an LA Lakers game if Bronny James makes his debut with the USC Trojans on the same day. While some weren't fond of his comments, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith came to the Lakers star's defense on "The Stephen A. Smith Show."

"Of course, he's supposed to go see his son because you going to have some trolls out there," Smith said. "You're going to have some ignorant a** people out there, sitting up there acting like, 'You're supposed to go play for the Lakers.' There are exceptions to every rule.
"We're talking about a dude that's a four-time champion and four-time league MVP ... and is the preeminent figure in the National Basketball Association. ... He's earned the right to take time off. Bronny James, go handle your business."

This is following Bronny's cardiac arrest during practice at USC in July. With Bronny cleared to join his team this season, the stage is set for LeBron James' son to take flight.

LeBron James on missing an LA Lakers game to watch Bronny James' USC Trojans debut

After Thursday night's 110-133 loss to the OKC Thunder, LeBron James said he was excited to watch his son play for USC this NCAA season, even if his debut game fell on the same day as a Lakers game, as per Spectrum Sportsnet.

"Looking forward to his first game," James said, "whenever he's cleared, whenever he's ready to have his first game. I already told my teammates, that if they play on the same day we playing then Imma have to catch them the next game. Family over everything."

Bronny's college debut will be a big moment not just for Bronny but for LeBron James and his family. It will also represent Bronny James being one step closer to reaching the NBA.

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