“Isaiah not Isiah”: Pistons legend reacts to X account's blunder on Isaiah Thomas and AK 47 incident

Isiah Thomas corrects misspelling of name about Isaiah Thomas
Isiah Thomas corrects misspelling of name about Isaiah Thomas' report (Images from Instagram)

Former Detroit Pistons star Isiah Thomas corrected a social media account for misspelling the name of 5-foot-9 star Isaiah Thomas. Both Isiah and Isaiah have nearly identical names, played the same position and were great stars during their prime years.

Since the arrival of Isaiah Thomas in the NBA in 2011, there have been a few who have struggled to spell his name. Recently, a report emerged about him encountering a kid who allegedly pulled out an AK-47 in front of him and his friends. The older Thomas saw the report, which was spelled with his name, and he had to correct the mistake so as to not confuse fans.

"Isaiah not Isiah," the Pistons legend said.

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One way to tell them apart is through their nicknames. The two-time champion goes by Zeke, while the younger player can be addressed as IT.

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What happened to Isaiah Thomas?

The current Phoenix Suns guard caught the attention of his fans online. Isaiah Thomas posted on X (formerly Twitter) about how he encountered a life-threatening event with his friends.

IT claimed that a kid pulled out an AK-47 on him recently. The Suns guard didn't give out specifications on why and how it happened. However, he mentioned that the kid who had a gun recognized him and it was the reason that he and his group weren't harmed.

"Really tripping on how these young kids are moving around!!!" Thomas posted. "I really had a life changing moment yesterday where a kid pulled a AK47 out on me and the homies and if it wasn't for who I was and him recognizing me in my own city he probably woulda ended all our lives. Be SAFE.

The two-time All-Star is now safe and luckily wasn't badly hurt or injured during his encounter. Isaiah played for the Suns this season after signing two ten-day contracts with the team. After his second ten-day contract, he was signed for the remainder of the season.

He put up 1.3 points and shot 30% from the field.

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