“It was a bad look for Adam Silver in this position”- Former NBA player assesses Adam Silver’s suspension term for Sarver, demands players to exert more pressure for escalation

2022 NBA Finals - NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference
2022 NBA Finals - NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's press conference.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has come under immense scrutiny this week after announcing the punishment of Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver. The commissioner announced the details, much to the disappointment of the players and fans.

On ESPN's morning radio show "Keyshawn, JWill and Max," former player Jay Williams made some resounding comments about the situation. Williams said that while Silver has done a tremendous job as the commissioner thus far, he is disappointed by this decision.

Williams believes that LeBron James and Chris Paul should apply more pressure on the commissioner and the NBA to enforce stricter punishments:

"It just felt like it was a bad look for Adam Silver in this position. I think Adam has done a tremendous job leading the NBA but I go back to what I originally said yesterday. As a former player, I'm just disappointed.
"It's going to take other players to apply pressure in order for this to escalate, i.e. LeBron James, Chris Paul who spoke yesterday. And that's going to happen at a high clip in order for there to be pressure applied to Adam Silver. And the league to make a different decision."

Sarver was punished for making misogynistic, sexist and racist remarks toward employees on several occasions. The owner was also accused of bullying and harsh treatment of employees. As a result, Silver and the NBA handed a one-year suspension to Sarver and fined him $10 million.

Many believe that Sarver escaped severe punishment with just a slap on the wrist. Comparisons were made to former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who was found guilty of making racist remarks against Magic Johnson and others.

The punishment handed to Sarver makes it the second-strictest after Sterling was forced to sell his team after being given a lifetime ban.

“I’m disappointed.”@RealJayWilliams does not like how the NBA has handled the Robert Sarver situation. #KJM

Outrage against Adam Silver's decision by NBA players

LA Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns.
LA Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns.

LeBron James and Chris Paul led the way for players in voicing their disapproval of the punishment handed down by Adam Silver to Robert Sarver. Both Paul and James believe that Silver was lenient in his punishment and that something stricter should have been done.

James and Paul acknowledged the report and were horrified by it. They believe Sarver's misogynism should have resulted in a much sterner punishment.

Like many others, I reviewed the report. I was and am horrified and disappointed by what I read. This conduct especially towards women is unacceptable and must never be repeated.

The NBPA also tweeted a statement declaring the same thoughts as James and Paul. It disapproved of the commissioner's decision and believes that it wasn't harsh enough. Paul was the head of the NBPA for eight years but is now being led by executive director Tamika Tremaglio.

Either way, the NBA has an issue on its hands. This outrage will gain momentum and steam if Silver does not do something about it immediately.

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