Jeff Bezos' Amazon reportedly interested in acquiring NBA media rights: All you need to know

Jeff Bezos; President and CEO of Amazon
Jeff Bezos; President and CEO of Amazon

It was recently reported that Amazon wants to acquire NBA media rights in 2025. The NBA is currently signed with ESPN and TNT to air all of their content. According to MarketWatch, their contract will last until the 2024-25 season. After that, the league's media will be up for grabs. In reality, they can just extend their contract, however, it appears Amazon is proving to be a worthy contender.

How Amazon can acquire the NBA

For a while now, Amazon has always been seen as a potential NBA bidder. The organization, led by Commissioner Adam Silver, is a technologically advanced sports league. According to sources, Amazon thinks Thursday Night Football's better-than-expected performance and built-in viewership of more than 200 million Amazon Prime subscribers make it appealing to the NBA.

In the 2021–2022 season, the NBA's revenue reached $10 billion for the first time. Amazon, owned by Jeff Bezos, won't attempt to acquire the league without a fight. ESPN and TNT will compete to keep their packages as well. According to Fadeaway World, many American households have Amazon Prime subscribers, the league might broaden its audience by simply signing with Jeff Bezos.

Both ESPN and TNT will probably try to maintain their connections with the NBA despite the significant expense that will be necessary to re-sign with the league. Currently, the two networks are in the middle of a nine-year contract with the league, which started with the 2016–17 season and will total $24 billion.

We understand that the league is already a global phenomenon today. But that doesn't mean they're reaching all the untapped demographics. This is how Amazon has a one-up compared to other networks. Amazon is currently averaging 13.3 million viewers per four games streaming Thursday Night Football. Many Amazon Prime subscribers are of the younger audience.

Having a broader younger audience will translate into more views for the league. We now live in a world of social media wherein most youngsters are socially active. That means the league will have a wider reach and could even encourage more people to either watch or attend games. It's not like they need more exposure, however, the league could take their status to an even higher level.

Jeff Bezos reportedly wanting to buy the Phoenix Suns

With Robert Sarver out of the picture, the Phoenix Suns are now looking for a new owner. Jeff Bezos is reportedly one of the candidates interested in acquiring the team. If this ends up happening, this will give Bezos the opportunity to build connections in the league. What exactly for? If he truly wants to acquire the league's media rights, then befriending the executives in the organization might help.

Whatever steps Jeff Bezos will take in the future are still to be determined. Even if having the Phoenix Suns is probably the billionaire's second choice after getting the league's media rights, acquiring the league is certainly Amazon's primary objective. But it seems like either way will work as both goals will satisfy Bezos' desire to link up with the league.

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