Kevin Durant delivers brutally honest assessment on his Twitter usage: “People get mad"

Kevin Durant delivers brutally honest assessment on his Twitter usage
Kevin Durant delivers brutally honest assessment on his Twitter usage

Throughout his career, Kevin Durant has never been shy about his social media usage. The former MVP recently opened up on how he enjoys the effect his posts have on fans.

While getting into it with another critic, one person explained to Kevin Durant why his social media platform bothers them. It mainly stems from his past on and off the court actions.

KD became a villain when he joined the Golden State Warriors, and then was caught in a scandal regarding using burner accounts. Now, he proceeds to go right at those who speak against him.

Durant responded to this comment by saying he gets a kick out of the control he has on fans on social media.

The fan ended up responding to this remark, going back to his choice to join the Golden State Warriors. He feels critics still need to get over the move even though it happened almost eight years ago.

Kevin Durant didn't choose to become a villain

When Kevin Durant first joined the NBA, he was one of the most beloved young stars in the league. However, his perspective among fans changed completely during the 2016 offseason.

Due to a spike in cap space, the Golden State Warriors found themselves with an opportunity to sign Durant in free agency. He ended up signing with them after they just knocked out his OKC Thunder in the postseason.

Since this move, Durant has gotten a reputation of being a villain and chasing superteams. This narrative has followed him to every stop since leaving the Thunder.

After he left the Warriors, Durant decided to team up with Kyrie Irving on the Brooklyn Nets. They were originally a duo, but became a trio when the team swung a blockbuster trade to bring in James Harden. This group was expected to run the league for the next half decade, but things didn't play out that way.

Even today, Durant is still accused of chasing superteams. He was traded to the Phoenix Suns last season to join forces with Devin Booker. Then, they proceeded to bring in another star in Bradley Beal this past offseason.

Durant has always done what's best for him and his career, but fans never saw it that way. Because of that, he received an image that he never wanted. Durant loves the game of basketball and has given it his all. However, fans still can't shake the thought of him as a villain because of his decisions.

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