Kevin Durant gives unique perspective on All-Star game, cites Jayson Tatum's workload as example

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Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant recently provided a unique perspective on how players view the All-Star game. While highlighting aspects of the workload, Durant shared why players aren't as engaged during the game.

Kevin Durant has been one of the most intriguing figures in the sport. Although he isn't particularly loud-mouthed, Durant isn't one to shy away from speaking out his mind. Whether his opinions are justified or controversial, Durant has appeared fairly comfortable with being honest and transparent. This trait has given fans some interesting insights on how the forward thinks and perceives various topics.

Durant recently shared his thoughts about the NBA All-Star weekend on "Boardroom". He had a lot to say about the event, as he was on the list of superstars to start the All-Star game.

The All-Star weekend has certainly lost a lot of its sheen over the last few editions. With underwhelming performances during the exhibition events and the All-Star game itself, fans have been rather discontented with the overall output. Given that this season also saw injuries plague several stars who would have been available for the game, the ASG was set up for mediocrity.

As one of the players on the injury list, Durant shed some light on how players viewed the All-Star weekend as he shared his unique take on the matter:

"My theory on it is - the All-Star weekend, for us players, the draw is like the eight-day break. Even if you're an All-Star, you still get those three or four days. And look at Jayson Tatum, played 50 games already, high minutes."

He continued:

"I think guys are thinking about that more so than putting on a show during the game. Because before you go from might play Thursday, Friday, cruise into the All-Star break and then you play on Tuesday or Wednesday. So you're still in that game mode a little bit. You know you can't relax. Maybe that is one of the reasons why guys may not be as interested in the weekend."
.@KDTrey5 shares his thoughts on the NBA All-Star game:

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Kevin Durant's point has merit

Kevin Durant's take makes sense. Given the pace at which the game is played, players are likely to experience fatigue and burnout at some point.

The ASG saw several key players out due to injury. Even team captain Giannis Antetokounmpo only played for a few seconds before heading out to nurse a pre-existing injury. Last year's edition of the ASG also saw a similar situation with a few superstars sitting out with injuries.

Durant missed his third consecutive All-Star game this year. Although he wasn't selected for the 2020 ASG season due to injury, KD missed the last two due to injuries that occurred mid-season.

The strain placed on players' bodies during the regular-season is immense, so viewing the break as a literal break is certainly more beneficial. While fans may not necessarily see it the same way, Kevin Durant could be less bothered about how he's perceived.

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