LA Lakers news: NBA Insider reveals LeBron James’ disappointment amid Rob Pelinka’s trade inactivity

New Orleans Pelicans v Los Angeles Lakers
LA Lakers news: NBA Insider reveals LeBron James’ disappointment amid Rob Pelinka’s trade inactivity

The LA Lakers, after setting their sight on Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray without success as the trade deadline approached, remained inactive in the trade market.

This lack of significant action has reportedly left their superstar, LeBron James, frustrated with Lakers GM and vice-president of basketball pperations, Rob Pelinka, as well as the team management for not executing any major trades.

In a discussion on the same with the Volume's Jason Timpf, the Athletic's senior NBA reporter Jovan Buha revealed the Lakers' and LeBron's takeaways from the trade deadline and James' disappointment. Buha said:

"To LeBron, he doesn’t care about a 2029 first-round pick. To LeBron, it’s like, ‘I want to maximize this season even if the roster is 1% better. That’s what I want.'”

LeBron wanted action from the management in the trade market. By the time the season ends, he will be almost 40, and neither he nor Anthony Davis can be certain that they will be fit for the next one. He was expecting the Lakers to make roster changes.

Buha continued:

"At some point, he realized they weren’t going to do something or weren’t gonna do something significant, and he’s been a little upset about it.

LA Lakers sign unrestricted free agent Spencer Dinwiddie

After reported news of the Lakers acquiring Spencer Dinwiddie amid getting waived by the Toronto Raptors, news emerged that the 10-year veteran guard will be a part of the Lakers for the remainder of the season.

Jovan Buha and Shams Charania reported a deal worth $1.5 million, The Lakers were able to offer more than a minimum contract because, according to league sources, they did not use their entire non-taxpayer mid-level exception on Gabe Vincent during the previous offseason.

Dinwiddie played 48 games with the Nets, averaging 12.6 points, 3.3 and 6.0 assists on 39.1% shooting from the field and 32.0% from beyond the arc.

He has been a key role player, showcasing his playoff experience in the Mavericks' 2022 Western Conference playoff run, reaching the West finals. He has played 28 playoff games overall.

Following the Lakers 139-122 win over the New Orleans Pelicans on Friday, LeBron was asked about how Dinwiddie could impact the Lakers, to which James said:

"Play-making, another ball-handler, another shot-maker, another guy, another veteran."

He could boost the Laker's push for a higher position in the West, as they are the ninth-ranked team with a 28-26 record.

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