"LeBron, Harden & Tatum have a new brother" - NBA fans thrilled as Steph Curry welcomes his 4th child with Ayesha Curry

NBA fans joke about Steph Curry being the father of other NBA players
NBA fans joke about Steph Curry being the father of other NBA players

Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha have joyfully welcomed their fourth child, a son named Caius Chai, born on May 11. Fans celebrated the news with congratulations and playful remarks.

Caius joins his older brother Canon, born in 2018, and two older sisters, Riley, born in 2011, and Ryan, born in 2015, in the family.

Some fans humorously speculated about potential future siblings for Caius, jokingly suggesting NBA players like LeBron James and Jayson Tatum as his "brothers" due to how Steph dominated them in the playoffs in the past.

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Reacting to the birth of Caius, X (formerly Twitter) user @MrR1674 said:

“LeBron, Harden and Tatum have a new brother.”

User @ogchabzo said:

"He running the league in 25 years."
"Chai is such a cool name," added @luvhartxx.

Several fans joined in the playful banter, suggesting other NBA players as potential siblings for Caius, humorously implying that these players could be considered Steph Curry's sons as well.

Fans joke about Steph Curry having other NBA players as sons
Fans joke about Steph Curry having other NBA players as sons

Steph Curry has a playoff record of 17 wins and 11 losses against LeBron throughout his career and won three championships against him. Against James Harden, Curry boasts a playoff record of 14 wins and six losses.

Curry's Warriors emerged victorious against Jayson Tatum's Boston Celtics in their most recent finals appearance.

Steph Curry's wife Ayesha opens up about her latest pregnancy

Ayesha Curry gave birth to Caius Chai on May 11, but the couple only announced it in a joint post with Steph Curry on Sunday. In the post, they mentioned that the birth was earlier than expected.

"Our sweet baby boy decided to make an early arrival!!" the couple wrote in the caption. "He's doing great, and we are finally settling in at home as a family of 6! So grateful!"

In a March interview published on Ayesha's website, Sweet July, Ayesha shared that they initially believed that they were done having children.

"For so many years, Stephen and I thought we were done," Ayesha said. "And then, last year, we looked at each other and agreed we wanted to do this again."

For her fourth pregnancy, which she considers her last, Ayesha said that she wanted to fully embrace the experience.

“But one of the biggest differences is a new understanding that this really does pass by in the blink of an eye. And in the blink of an eye, it could also all be taken away. That’s encouraged me to slow down and take in every single little thing—especially with it being my last pregnancy.”

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