"I listen to the athlete and I got two of them in my household so that was pretty easy" - LeBron James reveals Bronny James and Bryce James were involved in creative process for his new shoe

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LeBron James recently expanded his signature shoe line. Focusing on the needs of the next generation of athletes, the "LeBron XX" received design inputs from James' sons, Bronny and Bryce.

LeBron James is one of the most accomplished athletes the NBA has ever seen. This has also transitioned to commercial success off the floor.

"LeBron XX" is a signature shoe that is unique in its own way. Released in honor of James entering his 20th season in the league, these shoes are also LeBron's first line of low-top sneakers.

On the specific design of the shoe, LeBron James suggested that it was designed as per the requirements of the next-gen athlete. He even suggested that his sons Bronny and Bryce played a role in the shoe design. LeBron said:

"The significance of the shoe, the Diamond Collection, it's my 20th. There is not many guys who have been able to say they had 20 signature for shoes. For me to be a part of that, it's pretty cool.
"This was made for the next generation. Now, with Bronny and Bryce in mind, understanding the basketball player of today and the people of today, the lower shoe, the ones lower to the floor, a little bit lighter. So, you know, I listen to the athlete and I got two of them in my household so that was pretty easy."

He continued:

"I listened to what they wanted to say. They were actually in some of the meetings with me. We all listened to them and we made it happen."

The argument between the low-top vs. high-top shoes has been an interesting one. While high-tops offer more ankle support, low-top sneakers give you more freedom and ankle mobility.

Ultimately, the choice falls on the consumer. With James addressing the needs of the next generation of athletes, the low-top sneakers appear to be the way to go.

LeBron James' "lifetime" shoe deal with Nike

LeBron James has enjoyed immense success in merchandising throughout his career. Considering shoe sales have been a major aspect of this, James benefits from a rather lucrative contract with Nike.

James signed a $87 million contract with a $10 million signing bonus with Nike in his rookie season. Since 2003, James has reportedly signed only two contract extensions with Nike. With his most recent one being signed in 2016, James is set to earn over $1 billion over the course of his lifetime.

James' shoes remain one of the most popular amongst basketball players. Generating revenues worth up to $600 million a year, including various other merchandising products, James finds himself second only to Michael Jordan in this category.

LeBron James will look to begin his 20th season with the LA Lakers on October 18 against the Golden State Warriors. After a disappointing last season, "King James" will be looking to bounceback with the Lakers.

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