"LeBron's sole focus is now gone on chasing and catching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar” – Skip Bayless criticizes LeBron James’ effort on defense as he chases NBA scoring record

Skip Bayless (insert) on LA Lakers headliner LeBron James, right
Skip Bayless (insert) on LA Lakers headliner LeBron James, right
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LeBron James' defense has been criticized as the LA Lakers have one of the NBA's worst defenses this season.

On Fox Sports' morning show "Skip and Shannon: Undisputed," sports media personality Skip Bayless lambasted "King James" for his defensive absence and proposed a theory about James. Bayless said:

"Lebron's sole focus is now gone on chasing and catching Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and resting (on) the defensive end. LeBron will have his chase-down blocks occasionally and he'll have moments of defending."

Abdul-Jabbar holds the NBA's all-time scoring mark of 38,387 points. Karl Malone is second with 36,928. James has 36,319 points and is on course to pass Malone this season and then surpass Abdul-Jabbar next season. James has a career scoring average of 27.04 points per game, which ranks fifth all-time.

Bayless also said James should bear the brunt of the blame for assembling this roster as the superstar chose to have an older and more experienced unit rather than going for the younger legs.

Bayless continued:

"So, if LeBron acting as GM, if he pushed to go get Carmelo (Anthony), if he pushed to go sign Trevor Ariza, then that's on him, because you went old and familiar."
LeBron’s sole focus is now catching Kareem and resting on the defensive end. If LeBron’s acting as GM, he should’ve pushed for fresh, young legs on defense not Carmelo, Ariza and Westbrick. @Undisputed, 9:30 AM-Noon ET. FS1.

Is LeBron James an MVP candidate?

King James had 30 points against the Indiana Pacers
King James had 30 points against the Indiana Pacers

In what is his 19th season, at age 37, LeBron James continues to defy Father Time and logic. "The Chosen One" is averaging 28.8 points, 6.4 assists and 7.6 rebounds while shooting 36.4% from 3-point range and 51.7% overall. James has three triple-doubles and 12 double-doubles while playing nearly 36.7 minutes a night.

These are incredible numbers from a guy with so much mileage on his legs, and no one in NBA history has come even close to putting up such numbers in their 19th season. James has propelled himself into the MVP conversation with such performances. And if it wasn't for the abysmal record of the Lakers (22-23), he would be the clear-cut favorite to take home his fifth MVP award.

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James has played pretty much every position this season for the Lakers as coach Frank Vogel struggles to find the right formula. "King James" has recorded 20 games with at least 30 points, as he leads the league in that category ahead of players like Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The LA Lakers are tired for seventh in the Western Conference as they have hovered around .500 all season. But if they can get their house in order and improve and if James continues at this level, there's no reason he can't win the MVP award, let alone be in contention for it.

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