”LeBron would’ve got strapped if he was in the league” – Super Bowl Champion claims LeBron James wouldn't survive in today's NFL

Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets
LA Lakers forward LeBron James drives against the Denver Nuggets.

LeBron James has earned the reputation as being one of the greatest athletes in the history of mankind. At 18 years old, James boasted some of the most unique and impressive athletic ability the sporting world had ever seen. After being drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers as a teenager, James put on an absolute masterclass in his first few seasons in the league, carrying the Cavaliers to the playoffs.

With a combination of size, speed and skill, James' athleticism flourished. Standing at 6-foot-9 and weighing in at nearly 250 pounds, a teenage James could back down big men in the post with his strength. At the same time, his speed and athleticism gave him the unique ability to be faster than most guards.

In both instances, regardless of who was defending him, James' size, strength and finesse gave him a clearcut advantage over his opponents. It was something that NBA fans saw extended beyond the basketball court. During the lockout in the early 2010s, James put on a show while playing flag football against Kevin Durant.

Given his athleticism, it has always been questioned whether James could make the transition to another sport with ease. Whether it was a question of if James could compete in the NFL, MMA or another sport entirely, his size and athleticism always made the debates intriguing.

During a recent episode of "The Shop," Jalen Ramsey explained that in NFL locker rooms, the consensus is that the future Hall of Famer made the right move.

“Everybody in the NFL locker room say the same thing: ‘LeBron would’ve got strapped if he was in the league,’" Ramsey said. "They say you picked the right sport.”

You can see the video below.

“Everybody in the NFL locker room say the same thing ‘LeBron would’ve got strapped if he was in the league’ they say you picked the right sport.” 😂How would LeBron James in his prime matchup against Jalen Ramsey in the NFL? (via ⁦@uninterrupted⁩)

Could LeBron James have played in the NFL?

LA Lakers forward Kevin Durant
LA Lakers forward Kevin Durant

The debate about whether or not James could have played in the NFL will always be a heavily debated topic. On one hand many have dubbed him the potential ultimate tight end, because he combines size, strength and speed. The way several members of "The Shop" saw things, James in his prime was faster than many in the NFL likely give him credit for.

In fact, James has officially been recorded as having a 4.4 second 40-yard-dash. That would have made him one of the fastest tight ends in the NFL had he played football.

Jalen Ramsey wasn't ready to give him the benefit of the doubt. Throughout the podcast, Ramsey doubted James' abilities on the football field. In addition, he made sure to get some jokes in about King James' notorious history of being accused of lying. After the future Hall of Famer explained a defensive strategy he used on Madden during a TNF game, Ramsey seemed to poke fun of him.

You can see that hilarious exchange in the video below, and while you're at it, give us your thoughts on whether or not James could have played in the NFL. Would his size have given him an advantage or would he have been unable to keep up with the quick pace of NFL players?


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