“Letting Joe Ingles hit 3s in 2023”: LA Lakers fans in shambles as Magic nearly drop 40 in 1st quarter 

Orlando Magic v Los Angeles Lakers
Orlando Magic v Los Angeles Lakers

The LA Lakers are off to a slow start in their rematch against the Orlando Magic. After the events of the first quarter, the Lakers are trailing 39-25. The last time both teams faced off was on Oct. 31, 2023, when LA beat Orlando by three points, 106-103. It was a nail-biting game for the Purple and Gold, but it appears that the Magic now have the opportunity to take charge.

LA Lakers fans are expressing disappointment on social media and are roasting their own team for trailing behind a team with Joe Ingles, who has struggled to knock down some shots this season. Some also pointed out how the Lakers have made successful comebacks in the second half of their games this season. Here's what some fans had to say on X:

"letting Joe Ingles hit threes in 2023."
"Don't worry this is part of the script bro."
"Lol magic clowning us rn."
"We a second half team."
"every single game just for us to come back in the 2nd half and win in the final 30 seconds. I’m tired of it."
"+10 attributes to every stat when facing the lakers."
"Are the Lakers the worst 1st quarter team in history?"
"Every game dis season the opposing team always score 30+ points n the first shi embarrassing nobody hustles jus straight up laziness."

Can the LA Lakers make a comeback in the second half against the Orlando Magic?

Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers

The LA Lakers are off to a decent start this season, having a 3-2 record. The newly assembled Purple and Gold team looks more promising compared to last year's roster and could be the solution to their former problems. However, what many fans and analytics have noticed is the fact that the Lakers have struggled to win their games.

While LA currently has a winning record, the majority of their victories didn't come easy. Throughout their five games, the Lakers have notoriously built a reputation for trailing in the first half and then coming back strong in the second half this year. It's the same story this time around as they face the Orlando Magic for the second time this season.

Given the LA Lakers' tendency so far, we're predicting they could make a second-half comeback. However, Darvin Ham and the rest of the team need to figure out how to start and finish strong as the season progresses.

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