NBA 2K22 MyLeague: How to trade players in your team?

NBA 2K22 MyLeague Playoffs [Source: NBA 2K22]
NBA 2K22 MyLeague Playoffs [Source: NBA 2K22]
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NBA 2K22 has been showered with praise online and within the gamer community. Many are already calling it the best version in years as 2K Sports has impressed fans with improved graphics, gameplay additions and a bevy of new features.

The NBA 2K team is working round the clock to ensure constant improvement to the game via updates and patches and also fix any errors in the first week of its launch.

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One of the main features in NBA 2K22 is MyLeague where you can get the ultimate regular season and playoff experience. To play MyLeague, you can choose from either a current team, expand to a new city for a team or build your own team.

Regardless of what team you choose to play with, you will be entrusted to make trades and signings for your franchise.

How does trading work in NBA 2K22 MyLeague?

NBA 2K22 MyLeague Trading Block [Source: NBA 2K22]
NBA 2K22 MyLeague Trading Block [Source: NBA 2K22]

After you've chosen your team and applied your desired settings, the main menu of MyLeague will display on the season calendar or the playoff tree if you've chosen to jump straight to the postseason.

Go to the third tab or two to the right of the calendar/tree and you can find 'Trading Block' in that same main menu.

Here you will be asked to enter three categories - Target List, Trading Block, and Untouchables.

You add players in each category and then begin your season. Naturally, if you jump straight to the postseason, you will not receive any trade offers and will not get the proper trading experience.

However, if you start on opening night of the regular season but simulate the whole season to get to the playoffs, then after every few games you'll get a pop up asking for a trade.

You can negotiate each contract and submit multiple counteroffers.

The Target List are the players you want from other teams. The Trading Block are players from your team who you are willing to trade and are up for an offer. And finally, Untouchables, as the name suggests, are players who are off the table for any trade discussions. These are talismans and superstar players who are either way too valuable or young stars who have a bright future and you want to retain them.

For example, Stephen Curry is obviously an untouchable asset for the Golden State Warriors but Jordan Poole might fall in the Trading Block list. Additionally, the LA Lakers will never trade LeBron James or Anthony Davis but they made Talen Horton-Tucker an untouchable player as well because they believe he has a bright future.

NBA 2K22 MyLeague Trade Settings [Source: NBA 2K22]
NBA 2K22 MyLeague Trade Settings [Source: NBA 2K22]

You can choose the settings you want for the trade experience in NBA 2K22 MyLeague. The trades can make sense and follow trade logic such as matching the salaries and adding picks just like in real life. The trades will all be until March 25th, which is the NBA Trade deadline unless you opt to remove the trade deadline altogether.

There are restrictions and exceptions in place including Financial Trade Rules which can all be turned off or kept on according to your personal choice.

Although we recommend keeping the on because if you turn off the rules for trades then you will not get the ultimate experience of being an NBA franchise GM.

2K took a step forwardPlaying around with myleague was dope. So deep.You can literally build any type of organization you want to based around scouting, player development, or coaching. Dope depending on if you are rebuilding or not17 different staff positions πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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