“Danny Ainge in his final flourish might have screwed the Celtics one more time” - NBA analyst believes the Kevin Durant-Celtics deal is on hold because of the trade involving 3x All-Star

Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets: Game 4
Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets: Game 4
Kevin McCormick

As the offseason rolls along, so does the Kevin Durant trade saga. While teams continue to make calls regarding the two-time Finals MVP, the Brooklyn Nets remain patient in weighing out all of their options.

Currently, the frontrunner to acquire Kevin Durant is the Boston Celtics. Despite just making an appearance in the NBA Finals, Brad Stevens might be willing to shake up the core of the team. Reports have even surfaced that Jaylen Brown could be sent to Brooklyn as the headline piece in the deal.

There is no telling when Kevin Durant is going to get traded, but it seems inevitable. Since news first broke of the request, nothing has come out that the All-Star might change his mind and return to the Nets. That being said, the guys on FS1's 'First Things First' had a discussion on why this saga continues to drag on.

Nick Wright feels Kevin Durant hasn't been dealt yet because teams are waiting for the market to reset. He also said Celtics legend Danny Ainge could end up being the reason why Boston doesn't land the former MVP.

"Because Danny Ainge in his final flourish might have screwed the Celtics one more time. By getting so much for Rudy Gobert, now the Celtics can't make a trade for Kevin Durant."
"Everyone's like 'Gobert got us five players and five firsts. I just think that's why it hasn't happened yet."

Should the Boston Celtics push all in to trade for Kevin Durant?

Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets: Game 4
Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets: Game 4

Wright brings up a great point while breaking down the situation. With the Gobert haul being the current market value for an All-Star player, no team can top that as they attempt to trade for Durant. As a superstar-level player with four years left on his deal, Brooklyn can ask for an absurd return with the Jazz's most recent trade as an example.

An anonymous GM says he’d trade Jayson Tatum for Kevin Durant “I'd do that before I'd give them Jaylen and Smart. Brown is valued a little less than Tatum because he's not the skill darling. He's a high level athlete who has developed into a good player.”(Via FOX Sports)

For the Celtics, bringing in Durant would certainly put them over the hump. Pairing him with Jayson Tatum instantly gives Boston one of the top offensive duos in the NBA. Opposing defenses would have to bust out all the stops to try and slow down both players.

Boston isn't wrong for making the call, and Brad Stevens is playing the situation correctly. Because they are still a good team with Jaylen Brown, they should be in no rush to mortgage their core just to meet the trade market value. As the start of training camp gets closer, the price could drop and the window of opportunity might open for Boston to make a blockbuster deal happen.

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