NBA Bubble Vlog: Javale McGee struggles with a burger patty, as Stephen A Smith sheds light on players biggest sacrifice

Los Angeles Lakers v Boston Celtics
Los Angeles Lakers v Boston Celtics

Over the last 2 weeks, one thing that has helped the basketball loving audience of get an inside glimpse into Disney World are the NBA bubble vlogs, which have gained popularity at a high rate. Through these NBA bubble vlogs, fans of the sport have got a rare look inside the life of a player currently preparing for the season restart.

NBA players have found different ways to amuse themselves while they are in the Orlando bubble. We have already seen players resorting to playing different varieties of games, going live on social media etc.

LA Lakers star Danny Green and Stephen A Smith discuss the challenges of dating in the NBA bubble

Any time you have Stephen A Smith on television, it is impossible to switch channels because who doesn’t like to hear him speak or watch his antics ( step up your game, Skip Bayless and Nick Wright). Danny Green and Stephen A discussed how being away from their significant others affect the players ( well, Green’s teammate Kyle Kuzma would be definitely unhappy). They also discussed dating life during the Covis-19 pandemic.

Stephen A hilariously suggested that he has no clue on the subject of dating( we know that’s not true, Stephen A). Danny Green lamented that 3-4 weeks without meeting their S/O would have been fine if it was 3-4 weeks instead of two months. Stephen A sympathized with him by adding that with the fame and wealth the NBA players possess, it’s natural to feel disheartened if you can’t be closed to your loved ones . You can watch the clip here-


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A hilarious edition of Javale McGee's NBA Bubble Vlog

The LA Lakers are one of the favourites for the NBA championship. It is natural to assume that coach LA Lakers head coach Frank Vogel would be stressing on hard work and concentration in the practice. However, all of us know that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

Javale McGee has understood the true essence of this proverb and he is keeping the fans and fellow teammates entertained through his NBA bubble Vlog. McGee has played a key role for the LA Lakers this season. He has shared key minutes at Center with former Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard.

In the Vlog, he can be seen checking out the cafeteria for food, browsing through his LA Lakers teammate JR Smith’s food ( We all know how much JR loves his soup!) and hitting the gym. He also shares a quirky laugh with assistant coach Jason Kidd in the elevator. McGee also points out the quality of food being served by the NBA( surprise, surprise).

In the video, McGee also amusingly analyzes a vegan burger patty. After taking a bite, he is shocked and refuses to beleive that it is a vegan patty. He calls the vegan burger patty 'weird' and then proceeds to take another bite of it. He adds that it definitely tastes like 'real' patty and that there is no way that it's not a meat patty.

Judging by how funny it was, it is safe to assume that the fans will be eagerly waiting for his next vlog. And don’t worry, we have got you covered with the video clip-


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