NBA News Update: Colby Covington publically mocks LeBron James once more for his stance on social justice, Chris Bosh picks Dwyane Wade over AD

2020 NBA Finals
2020 NBA Finals

The NBA Finals between the LA Lakers and the Miami Heat saw a massive drop in TV ratings. As the league works towards finding ways to address this concern for the next season, MMA star Colby Covington has taken this opportunity to take a dig at the LA Lakers' LeBron James. In this article, we'll go through what Covington had to say about King James, along with other NBA news updates.

NBA News Update: Colby Covington mocks LeBron James for poor NBA Finals TV ratings

Colby Covington
Colby Covington

The beef between Colby Covington and LeBron James is no secret. The MMA star has been verbal about his dislike for the LA Lakers star and his political beliefs. The UFC star recently posted a video on Instagram sarcastically mocking James following the 2020 NBA Finals.

Covington was donning a 'f*** LeBron' tank top and went on to blame him for the dismal NBA TV ratings. Covington added:

"Congrats, LeBron, on setting the record for the least-watched NBA finals in history. You wish you could blame it on the pandemic but everybody's just sick of your woke bulls***. And while the NBA's ratings are going down, the UFC's are going up. Just like our bank accounts."

Just a month ago, Covington was in the news for calling LeBron James a 'spineless coward' following James' statements on systemic racism in the USA. James, however, has not responded in any way to Covington's provocative remarks so far.

NBA News Update: Chris Bosh picks Dwyane Wade as LeBron James' best teammate

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade
LeBron James and Dwyane Wade

In other NBA news updates, basketball legend Chris Bosh joined the Complex's Load Management Podcast and talked about his days in the Miami Heat. When asked about who LeBron James' best teammate was throughout the years, Bosh had a hard time choosing between Anthony Davis and Dwyane Wade.

Though Bosh praised Anthony Davis for his talents, he ended up picking Dwyane Wade as LeBron James' best teammate. Bosh said:

"Now is his (Anthony Davis) time. We'll see what happens in there. Their chapter is still being written. But you know, I'm partial man. I'm a D Wade fan. They threw full-court lobs. Everybody remembers that stuff. All I had to do was rebound and pass it to him."

Chris Bosh went on to talk about how great the chemistry between Dwyane Wade and LeBron James was when they played for the Miami Heat. Bosh was a part of the Heat's 'Big 3' along with Wade and James, and went on to win 2 NBA championships in the past decade.

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