NBA Trade Rumors: Kyrie Irving's agents threaten that the star guard would retire if the Brooklyn Nets trade him

Kyrie Irving with the Brooklyn Nets
Kyrie Irving with the Brooklyn Nets
Kunal Sethi

Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving has suddenly popped in NBA trade rumors around the league and it has generated a lot of buzz regarding his future in New York City. He joined forces with Kevin Durant in the 2019 offseason and they decided to join the Nets organization together. The idea that the front office would separate the original two out of the Big 3 does sound absurd.

However, Irving's name has popped up in recent NBA trade rumors when you consider that he constantly misses games due to personal reasons and is injury prone as well. Many have questioned his dedication and interest towards basketball and now to add fuel to the fire, his agents have threatened that the seven-time All-Star will retire if the Nets do indeed try to trade him.

Some NBA news: There are a handful of Kyrie trades that potentially make sense for the Nets, Kyrie’s agents have made it known that Kyrie would simply *retire from the NBA* if Brooklyn were to trade him.

NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving's dedication to basketball has been called into question many times

Kyrie Irving with the Brooklyn Nets
Kyrie Irving with the Brooklyn Nets

There is no doubt that Kyrie Irving is one of the biggest shows in basketball. He is a walking highlight reel and even his basic moves are mesmerizing. Uncle Drew bruises ankles and displays his infinitely deep layup package every time he is on the floor and with that eliminates all doubt regarding his seriousness towards basketball. He averaged 27 points per game on 50-40-90 shooting splits last season and is only the fourth player ever in that exclusive club to average over 25 a game.

Nevertheless, it is quite apparent that Kyrie Irving has interests outside of basketball. He misses games without even informing his coach or teammates in advance and also refuses to speak to the media on occasion, calling them pawns. He has willingly paid nearly a million dollars in fines for that reason. Many have suggested that he retires if he is not interested in dedicating his time to basketball, a sport he gets paid millions to play.

Additionally, Kyrie Irving's name is now popping up in NBA trade rumors because of the Ben Simmons saga in Philadelphia. The 76ers are desperately trying to trade their star point guard and Brooklyn has come up as a viable option. The deal sounds perfect on paper - Kevin Durant and James Harden would be paired up with one of the best defenders in the NBA, while Joel Embiid and the Sixers would finally get the clutch floor-spacing point guard they needed all along. According to NBA analyst Nick Wright, the deal is very "possible."

What a unique trade idea! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️…

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