Steph Curry and Cameron Brink in stitches over sister Sydel playing 'Couples Dictionary' game with husband Damion Lee

Sydel Curry and Damion Lee married in 2018. (Image via Instagram, Sydell Curry,
Sydel Curry and Damion Lee married in 2018. (Image via Instagram, Sydel Curry,

Instagram has recently seen a bit of a coming together of the Curry family, with Sydel Curry posting a video of her playing a ‘Couples Dictionary’ game with her husband Damion Lee. Damion Lee currently plays for the Phoenix Suns and tied the knot with Steph Curry’s sister Sydel in September 2018.

The two regularly share updates about their relationship on social media. On Thursday, Sydel posted a video of her playing a ‘Couples Dictionary’ game. The result was a range of hilarious questions that the two asked each other, exposing several ‘cute’ slang that they have for each other.

For example, when either of them does not want to do something that needs to be done, they tell each other the following:

“I dont really feeeeeeel like it.”

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The game also revealed that Sydel Curry once mispronounced ‘hundred dollars’ and said the following instead:

“Hunred ollas.”

Further, whenever Sydel wants to eat something she cooked, she says the following to her partner:

“This is one of mine! Can I have soommee?”

The couple revealed a range of details about their relationship, such as how they pronounce the word ‘monkey’ whenever they come across the animal and what Damion Lee’s first nickname was between them. Furthermore, it revealed what the Suns star tells his wife whenever he wants to have ‘se** time’:

“Oooo cheekies”

Finally, the video also exposed what the two tell each other when one of them lies:

“This lyyyiiinng.”

The hilarious clip led to reactions from both Steph Curry and Cameron Brink. Steph posted a series of laughing emoticons, while Brink claimed that she was dying with laughter:

"I’m dyingggggg."

Cameron Brink's connection with Steph Curry

While Cameron Brink is not biologically related to the Currys, she is a part of the family.

Brink’s father, George Brink, was a former college basketball player who married Michelle Bain-Brink. As it turns out, George was a teammate of Dell Curry at the Virginia Tech Hokies, while Michelle was a roommate of Sonya Curry.

Since their teenage years, the four of them have been close. George and Michelle are the godparents of Steph and Sydel Curry. Also, the Currys are the godparents of Cameron Brink, which means that Brink herself had a childhood that was very much focused on basketball.

The second overall pick of the 2024 WNBA draft, Brink, has thus far played three WNBA Regular Season games and still looks to be getting used to the increased level after spending four seasons starring for the Stanford Cardinal women's basketball team.

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