"Still considering it" - Royce Reed opens up on hitting Dwight Howard with divorce lawsuit

Royce Reed opens up on hitting Dwight Howard with divorce lawsuit
Royce Reed opens up on hitting Dwight Howard with divorce lawsuit

Dwight Howard's legal woes continue as his child's mother, Royce Reed, appeared on VladTV and opened out about her relationship with Howard. She additionally discussed the potential lawsuit against the former Defensive Player of the Year.

Reed was asked about the recent lawsuit surrounding Diddy and Cassie and if she could file a similar civil lawsuit with Howard.

“I have and I’m still considering it,” Reed said.

Reed and Howard share a 15-year-old son, Braylon. Reed also filed a child neglect charge against Howard more than a year ago. She claimed Howard was evil and engaged in inappropriate behavior with a minor.

Howard is the father of five children, and he shares them with five different women. Reed first met him while she was a cheerleader for the Orlando Magic. She was also a cast member on Basketball Wives.

Reed offered some insight into Howard’s current career status, saying that he won't make the NBA given the drama he carries with him.

“I don’t believe they F with him,” Reed said. “It’s the drama in general with him. It is a billion dollar industry and you are bringing a player into it with all this drama that has nothing to do with basketball.”

Reed did not stop the bashing there. She also said he is not a good teammate in the NBA and has heard the same from multiple people. She thinks that it is a huge reason why Howard went unsigned this offseason.


Dwight Howard’s custody battle

Dwight Howard is also in a custody battle over another one of his children. Howard is fighting in court with his ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Render, to seek custody of his 13-year-old daughter.

Howard currently pays $3,000 per month in child support to Render, but he now wants to terminate these payments and strip her of custody of their daughter. Court documents obtained by RadarOnline reveal the details of their ongoing custody battle.

Howard has previously successfully had the payment amount reduced and is now seeking to have it reduced to zero. Howard previously paid Render $12,000 per month in child support. Howard was allowed to lower the payment to $3,000 after no longer earning NBA money.

Howard last played pro basketball in Taiwan. He made $2.6 million in his final NBA season with the LA Lakers and was making way less with the Taiwanese league.

Dwight Howard made tons of money while in the NBA, amassing $245.1 million in career earnings.

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